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Match Report 27th Oct 2021 Whitecraigs LT&SC home v Newlands (Div 1. West of Scotland Squash)

So, after two great results in the last two matches, we were up against the might of Newlands & Carlisle 1st team! Similarly, I felt for Preston North End up against the Mighty Liverpool in tonight’s footie; giant killing was always going to be a massive 3 pointer.

I arranged to play early against Fraser McCann – and he was ready to show me what life at No.2 was really like. First game ………. ‘chopped’. Second game – I slowed it down and confused Fraser for a few points, but ultimately it was ‘close, but no cigar’. However, I was amazing in the 3rd game and the 4th and the 5th …..… well I would have been if I hadn’t been chopped in the 3rd! (3-0 Fraser).

Next up was Chris (Murphy) at No.1 v Matt Bedwell. I didn’t see this, but I like to imagine that when Chris was fresh (i.e. in some of the first game) he was amazing and moved the ball like a young Jahangir Jase! Then when Matt wore him down, he moved the ball like a much, much older Jason. Then, by the end, he got tanked like a really old Jason ….. without his Argonauts! (3-1 to Matt!)

In the meantime, I was marking Hamish (Buchanan) v Vicky Bell on Court 1. Well earlier in the day, I though ‘Vicky will win this 3-0’, easily! However, Hamish went 1-0 up and then amazingly, 2-0 up! I would have to accept that although Hamish played well, Vicky was making 1 or 2 (or 10) uncharacteristic mistakes per game! However, during games 3, 4 & 5 there was some turnaround and normal service was resumed. Vicky went from ‘Tin-Tin’ to ‘Wonder Woman’, as she slotted the ball into every corner, to completely change the momentum. Hamish couldn’t get himself into a position to affect the result often enough and Vicky brought the match home 3-2.  

The last two matches, on at the same time, were Cammy (Colquhoun) v Mark Ford and Ollie Millen v Dave Fallis. I saw some of each match and it would be safe to say that either match could have been 3-0 to Newlands. However, Ollie fought really hard to strangle a game from Dave with some good match play in the 2nd – and Mark fought just as hard to deny Cammy his game. Cammy was unlucky not to pinch a game as he had Mark puffing at various points, but Mark was experienced enough to always stay ahead as to ensure a 3-0 win.

Burgers & chips for dinner tonight and my ‘double decker’ veggie burger was top scran! I asked for mayo with my chips and was told the closest they could get to mayo was brown sauce! Fortunately the closest they had to a pint of Erdinger was actually Erdinger (and they found the mayo!).

After most had left, there were just four of us to chat an uninterrupted flow of squash. We covered all sorts, like Shabana v Rammy – classy shots v amazingness – so who’s best? Gaultier – we all love you, but why are you so Gaultier? How to coach a backhand volley drop! Daryl Selby has a better technique than Peter Barker, so why didn’t he beat him more often? James Wilstrop has a better technique than Nick Matthew, so why didn’t he beat him more often? Being a pro squash player….. discuss! Asal – love him despite himself – or dislike him because of the way he behaves?!? It must have sounded like a foreign language to the bar staff!

You gotta love a Wednesday squash night out!! (and Liverpool won!).

So when I thought about playing Newlands earlier in the day, I thought, a giant killing or not, a ‘3 pointer’ would be a half decent result – but we got 4 points tonight ……… tough at the time, but I’ll – take that ……. and party! (Score 4-18)

  1. J T
    October 28, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    Bit like old days Jase – the most excellent quality of the match reports contrasting somewhat with the quality of the match itself. Cracking good read though ! JT

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