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DLWE v SSRC Home (Match Report) 11th February 2015


Last Wednesday the 1st team played SSRC and we’d heard it through the grapevine that the SSRC superstars from Edinburgh were not available (due to tournaments and girlfriends) so could this be our chance to put a few points on the board for the team the club and our ‘Kelvin Financial Planning’ Sponsor! Oh yes!

First on with the early start was David Craig. This week he brought the whole family, so my mascot minding duties were limited. Dave played Rahul Gupta at No.4 and went on court like a coiled………banana! Yup the usual 0-1 start from the big man, mind you he was soon up 10-3 in the 2nd game and obviously wasn’t going to lose this one? You’d think! Well Dave tried his hardest to lose it, as Rahul came back to 10-9, but Dave obviously had it all in control and won the next point (I slapped him with a wet fish when he came off court!).

The next two were hard fought but Dave was always in control with and won the match; taking none of the 10 (or so) strokes on offer, although Rauhl was looking for a few strokes that weren’t even lets!

(3-1 DLWE)

On at the same time was Dougie (MacMillan) against Dave McCormick (at No.2). The two players know each other well and big Robert (Dougies old man) joined in the fun by marking the match. I didn’t see the match, but Doug seemed to stroll the first two games, then it became more interesting in the 3rd at 10-9 to Dave (and 12-12!). However Doug wrestled victory from the jaws of defeat and won 3-0 (it didn’t stop Dave claiming the moral victory for almost taking a game though!).

(6-1 DLWE)

Colin (Clark) went on next against Martin Sullivan (at No.5) and when he was safely 2-0 up I knew he would bring the match home so I went on court myself about then.

I was on against Chris Holt who I’d had a few tussles with over the years. And I wasn’t helped by not feeling 100%: the racket felt like I was playing with a tennis bat. Still I was moving OK and won the 1st by volleying well – having said that I lost the 2nd by not volleying. So it was good to get some sound advice from Doug after the 2nd “Volley more you idiot!” The legs were feeling heavy as well, but I managed to keep the advise in mind and won the match 3-1.

So we must be 4-0 up in the match, no? NO?!?! Colin was in the 5th game against Martin and at 8-8 it could have gone either way. Fortunately Colin got the last 3 points and won 3-2. Colin claimed he was just looking for value for money for the night!

(12-4 DLWE)

Last on was Craig (Valentie-Wallace) against Brian Robertson at No.1. Brian came off after the 1st saying “I hate playing guys who get absolutely everything back!” and he was looking suitably red-in-the-face as he said it – having just lost 11-8. However when Brian won the 2nd game he came off and said  “I hate playing guys who get absolutely everything back!!”.

Craig had let him in the 2nd by not playing with 100% intensity, but this was the last chance he gave Brian as he made fewer mistakes after that and won the next 2 much more comfortably.


So a win! And our first of the second half! It’s good to win – even the dinner tastes better!

(18-5 DLWE)



JP Turbo

JP Turbo

JP Spark

JP Spark

  1. February 18, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    THE MOAT(*) is not gonna like that… Someone get Gazza on the phone!

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Northumbria_Police_manhunt

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