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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Home (Match Report) 28th January 2015


Newlands 2 tonight and certainly a chance to pick up a few points, maybe even sneak a win if we were really lucky/good/fortunate/on top of our games & lucky!

I got on first this week (as the mascot didn’t make it along) and I played Brendan Rogers at No.2. I’d lost the last one against Brendan 3-1 so it was gonna be tough, but when I won the first 2 games it was looking much more likely. However a great comeback from Brendan saw the match tied at 2-2 and so to the 5th! Well at this point I remembered to try and step up and dominate the ‘T’ as much as possible and what do you know it worked! I won the 5th and the match…….silky!

Doug (Macmillan) went on shortly after me against Mic Cockburn and was just finishing his match off when I came off court. He’d won 3-0 but didn’t look overly delighted with his performance, but a win’s a win and Mic hits a ferocious ball at times.

So we only needed one more tie for the match, but that’s easier said than done!

Next on was David (Craig) against David Fallis  – they had also played in the 1st half and Newlands Dave had won this 3-0!

So DLWE David resorted to his ‘old school’ tactics this week by losing the first 2 games (and a match ball in the 3rd game!) and thus lulling his opponent into a false sense of security, only to run-riot in the next two game and tie things up. And so to the 5th! – and at 14-14 in the 5th both David’s had their chances. Unfortunately Newlands David dove-over the line and so the match was still on for both teams.

At No.5 a much improved Andrew Morris (Newlands) played our Colin (Clark) and he ran riot in this one. Colin actually played quite well, but couldn’t really get near Andrew in the first two games. He played even better in the 3rd and even created a chance to sneak a team point, with some great length, but Andrew held on to win 11-9 and take the match 3-0

So at 2-2 in the match the No.1s went on court – Craig (Valente-Wallace) v Mark Ford. And this would be the 2nd time in two days that they have played – National League last night, where Mark had won, but could Craig turn it round? Well the short answer was 3-0 to Mark, but it was a tougher game than 3-0 may suggest. It was also tougher than Craig may realise; it included a tie break in the 3rd and Mark had to work hard for the win, with Craig having the speed and tenacity to push many of the rallies. It would have been interesting to see a 4th game if Craig had won that tie-break – and ask the question could Mark keep the pace up for another 10/15 minutes! But we’ll never know the answer to that (until the next time!)

So a tantalising 3-2, but on the plus side 8 more points to the cause!


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