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DLWE v Hamilton 1– Home (Match Report) 19th November 2014

westsquashsitelogo1With Giffnock 1 v Newlands 1 on tonight who was worried about our poor little match? Well me!!

I know what you’re thinking they must have done well if he’s got the report out already and you’d be right, but the other major factors are 1) I’m away until Monday on a trip and 2) we had an early finish so as I sit here with my beer I’m more enthused than having been thrashed 3-0 and home for 12am! (and we have new Team T-shirts on the way thanks to our new sponsors ‘Kelvin Financial Planning‘).

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We arranged for the No. 4s & 5s to be on early, so as usual it was no surprise that the first two players on court were the No.2s. And that was me (Jason Broadberry) against my old mate Colin Towers. Now to say we have different games would be putting it mildly and I’m absolutely sure that Colin hates the way I play. I won 3-0 and was happy that I was able to play a few shots and hit most of them up (Colin, to be fair didn’t really get going and left the court frustrated that he wasn’t able to use his speed against me).

Next on were the No. 4s & 5s. David (Craig) played David McAleese and at No.5 Michael (Jackson) played Craig. Well it was all down to the mascot this week as we won both matches! I didn’t see much of them as I was on mascot-minding duties, but David C lost his 1st game, then sneaked the 2nd on a tie break. From then on he appeared to take control of the rest of the match winning the 4th to 4 and the last to 9. Great win for the big man and a very happy daughter/mascot.

Meanwhile Michael Jackson dominated his match 3-0 and secured his first win ever, in the top division – I knew it would happen “One Day In your Life” Michael – so congrats MJ and now it’s time to keep on going and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” (I could go on! No really I could! And I will in future reports!!!).

Match secured! Great to say that so early on in the report!

Next up at No.3 Doug (Macmillan) v Jonathan Naylor. After his heroics last week this was a much more dominant performance and to be honest Doug was a class apart. Jonathan played some great short volleys especially on the backhand, but Doug was just too quick and too good tonight and won 3-0.

Last up was Craig (Valentie-Wallace) against Alan McKay. This was the match of the night as it went to 5 games (with two tie breaks). Craig was frustrated at times with his play and this was often because he tried to attack from a poor length. This meant that Alan could be really quick on the ball and put it away, with his great movement. However time after time Craig dug in when it mattered. No more so that at 5-10 down when he made a spectacular come-back to win the 3rd game 12-10. Then had a great stroke of luck at 10-10 in the 5th game when he hit Alan with a ball down the middle (after it hit the front wall, that is). This match could have gone either way, but for me it was Craig’s to lose and he didn’t!! 3-2 win.

So maximum points for the first time this season and a delighted team. Mind you we play Giffnock 1 next week, so not many points there! And talking about Giffnock 1 – I wonder how they got on against Newlands 1 (last I heard it was 2-1 to Newlands at 10.30pm!!)

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