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DLWE v SSRC – Away (Match Report) 12th November 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Just a quick report from last week as 1) we got tanked and 2) The scores have only just been posted on the result site by SSRC


1st up was David Craig at No.4 against Chris Holt. This was an easyish one for Chris and he won 3-0. Dave dug in hard and had his chances in the middle of the 1st and 3rd games, but Chris went onto dominate the rest of the game (the team mascot, Elvi, may get the sack if she doesn’t start bringing her dad more luck!).IMG_0113

Next up at No.5 was Michael (Jackson) v David McCormick and this was again all one way traffic against us. I do think that Dave McC played particularly well tonight and really kept the pressure on MJ the whole game. MJ was disappointed in his performance, but he was really up against it.

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Things weren’t looking much better at No.3 as Doug (Macmillan) was trailing Brian Robertson. After the 1st game Craig and I went to talk to Doug and after explaining our thoughts Doug said “ It’s like getting a team talk from Dumb & Dumber!”How rude!! However we got our 1st team point on the board as he levelled things up 1-1. Brian got the 3rd and Doug the 4th and so to the 5th!

This was now a question of who had the legs left to finish the job. Doug looked out on his feet, but he kept digging into the reserves and kept coming back with enough energy for one more rally (there are a lot more reserves in Doug’s tank than there used to be!). Finally he brought the ship home and won the match 3-2. Great effort!


I was on next at No.2 against David Beaumont from the east. Tough one tonight as David was able to get all my shots with ease and the only real question was whether he could keep it out of the tin long enough to beat me. In the 1st game he could and in the 2nd he couldn’t!!

I tried all sorts of things to keep myself in the rallies, but in the end David was just a bit too quick and he won the match 3-1.


Last up at No.1 was Craig (Valente-Wallace) against Jamie Henderson. I went for a shower at this point and so I missed the first two games and Craig wasn’t looking happy when I saw him so I thought Jamie must have dominated them (and he did). The 3rd was a completely different story though and although Craig lost it 12-10 he was right in it the whole game and played well – he even had a game ball of his own, but it was not to be.


Unfortunately for us this was the best team SSRC had put out all season so far, according to Chris Holt (with two youngsters playing from the east at 1 & 2). Ho-hum! We lost 17-4 although this may well end up being 12-4 as SSRC didn’t get their scores in early enough!




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