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DLWE v Western 2 – Away (Match Report) 5th February 2014

PaulHannahLogoThe big relegation clashes just keep on coming and tonight I thought we had a good chance at home to Western 2, that was until I spoke to Big Davie on the way to the match and he told me we had no chance at home to them…… as it is an away match! (turn the car round!)

When I arrived Big Dave (Craig) was making his way onto court against Derek Manson at No.3 (due to stuffing Sean in a mini-league last week). However this looked like a position too far as he got cuffed in the 1st game and well beaten in the 2nd. The main problem was that Derek was all over Dave’s cross courts and controlling the match. The 3rd was much the same and at 9-3 down it was surely only a matter of time for Dave. “A good one to win!” was the best we could think of to say as it became 10-5 match ball.

But hang on Dave got the next point, and the next, and the next! And a few rallies later it was a tie break and then it was game to DLWE!

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“Yeah I realised if I hit it straighter I was winning the point.” says Dave between games! Understatement of the night I’d say. Too many cross courts and Dave lost 90% of the rallies, but mostly straight and he won 90% of the rallies! With this information in his armoury Dave won the 4th game easily and so the 5th!

A much tougher game, but Dave was now physically in control as Derek tired. In the end Dave drove the points home from 0-2 and 10-5 down to win the tie! Amazing and I was pretty sure that secured him the MOTM award.

Sean (Norris) went on next against John Millar at No.4 – this was comfortable for Sean this week and he dominated the tie with his quick movement to win 3-0. However at 9-0 in the 1st game it looked like ‘the granny’ was on, but Sean actually managed to hit the ceiling at one point, which is an impressive thing to do, especially as he did it from the back of the court! with the ball on the way to the front wall!!!

After the match Richard commiserated with Sean and told him not to worry too much about it as it’s a tough league. Sean then proceeded to tell him the winning score and Richard just said:

“Oh OK, well done. I didn’t see the game, I just assumed you’d lost again!” (you’ve got to be able to take the banter in this team!)

Richard (ex-captain Cantlay) was on next at No.5 against Tony Gibson. The 1st was an easy win for Richard against the left hander and he looked like he was going to romp home.

As I arrived at the balcony to watch the match, Sean (from Limerick) was chatting to Davie (from Glasgow) so I walked up to them both and said:

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were watching Richard play squash and the Englishman said “Is this some kind of joke?”

Meanwhile back on court, Tony made an amazing come-back to take the 2nd game, with some great play on his forehand side (the left that is) (coz he’s a left hander). I went to chat to Richard in between the games and said:

“Ok first things first, I assume you know he’s a lefty?” Rich was wide-eyed; and with massive surprise on his face said:

“Is he? I hadn’t noticed”

Not that he used the new information for a while, but eventually when he pummelled the backhand side he secured the next two games, in a hard fought physical battle.

I went on next against Paul Whiteley at No.2 and I needed ear-mufflers in the knock up as Paul hit more tins than a drummer in a baked bean tin making factory! But come the game he was much more accurate, having said that  he did go for absolutely everything and so this meant that he did make quite a few mistakes, but he also hit some blinders. It was a good run, but I won 3-0.

Our new captain, Doug (Macmillan) went on against Steve Luker whilst I was on court so I didn’t see the first two games. From the score sheet it looked like it was quite close up to about 5-5 and then Doug pulled away to win them both. The 3rd had an air of inevitably about it and although both players were moving around quickly Doug looked like he was in control as he won 3-0.

The banter was in full flow in  the changing room as Dave Kelly (DK) asked me if I used Maple Syrup on my hair to make it so high! While another conversation went on like this:

“The floor on court 3 was like a skating rink” Doug

“It was fine when I played it” Peter

“That’s coz you don’t run fast enough to slide” Doug

“I don’t need to run as fast as you, I rely on skill!” Peter


Also I was chatting to Hamilton’s Colin McGeady (they were playing Western 1 on the other court with only 4 players?!?!?! Obviously couldn’t get a 2nd team out then??). Colin seems to be fast becoming the new Frank Sinatra of West Squash this season, as he had to retire for the 4th time! (Frank Sinatra is a bit like Robbie Williams for all you youngsters out there!)

A Chinese meal for dinner and one player was talking about being NekNominated (NekNomination is a bit like a ‘boat race’ for you oldies out there!) and trying to top previous attempts. I hope he goes with his milk suggestion! Or maybe even this https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x-wztJ4m6xE

Steve Luker was talking about losing to Vicky Bell in the Newlands’ match, he said:

“She’s terribly good isn’t she” I had to agree 100%, in fact when Sean played her, she was good and Sean was terrible!

As Rich and I walked out of the Western clubhouse we saw the (old) plans for the extension to the building which will extend all the way out to the road. Rich looked at the plans and said:

“Haven’t they done that yet?” to which I replied

“Do you not think you would have noticed it on the way in, if there was a new 50 foot structure you had to pass to enter the club?” Dobber!

All this and Colin Towers (from Hamilton) offered to play the Harp at our Charity Party on March 22nd (in support of the Food4Africa charity – the one that’s building a charity squash court – to see more click here). The date nicely coincides with the last West League match of the season (everyone is welcome by the way – a good way to celebrate the end of season). See below or click here for more details of the great entertainment being held at the Alea Casino in Glasgow’s Springfield Quay.

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