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DLWE v Glasgow Uni – Home (Match Report) 29th January 2014

PaulHannahLogoWell this was a real relegation clash last night and with an injury and a missing player I was pretty sure that if the University had a strong team then our goose was cooked (mind you our missing player was Richard so really we were stronger than usual!). The Uni however seemed to have even more missing players than us! So with just 8 points separating the teams, could this be a season changer?

First on was Sara (McDonald) at No.5 v James McAllister. Sara was dominant this week and she controlled the match to the back of the court. James had trouble digging the ball out, with Sara’s trademark great length ™ so that’s where she put the ball every time. After winning the 1st game 11-5 one of the club members watching (Bob) turned to me and said:

“Oh yes, I forgot that you 1st team players aren’t fit enough to play up to 15 points!”

Sara’s rhythm wasn’t upset too much apart from getting clattered a couple of times and she ended up winning 3-0.

Doug turned up at this point and didn’t bother with “hello”, he just turned to Big Davie Craig and said:

“Wow! Dave what’s up? You don’t look like a tramp tonight, you’re actually looking quite good!”

On at the same time as Sara, was Sean (Norris) against Nobby (as everyone calls him). I said to him after the match:

“Why do they call you Nobby?” to which Nobby replied:

“I don’t know.”

“What’s your real name?”

“Nobuhide Ostudo.”


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I was marking Sara’s game so only caught the 3rd game, but Sean was in charge of this match and he played well to move Nobby around and keep him at arm’s length. Nobby retrieved well, but that’s also Sean’s game and he did it better. So our second 3-0 of the night.

Big Davie (Craig) went on next against Neil (McLean – I think) and on at the same time was the No.1 pairing of Doug (Macmillan) against Liam Dickson. Doug said I’m going to play ‘Jason squash’ tonight. When I quizzed him as to what that meant he said:

“If I get chopped, I’m going to make it look like I played well.”  !?!?!?!

Back to the No.4 string match and Davie won the 1st game 11-6, but he never likes to play anything less than a 5 game thriller so I wasn’t surprised to see it 1-1 soon after.

Doug, in the meantime, was soon 5-2 down in the 1st game but came back to win it 11-6. That’s strange, I thought, Liam looks a bit pale; great point for Doug though, especially as he lost the away fixture 3-0.

On the other court Davie was now 2-1 up and cruising. His volleys and drops were moving Neil about well and he was now dominating the tie. Soon after he wrapped things up 3-1 and so the match and the bonus points were ours!

Back with the No1s and Liam was trying to play lots of shots, but Doug was getting everything back and therefore forcing mistakes. Doug was now dominating the latter stages of every game and he eventually converted the 2nd and 3rd games to take the tie 3-0. Great result for him as well, even if Liam was below par.

(Dave wasn’t happy with only 4 games so he challenged Sean to a hit straight after!).

Last up was myself (Jason Broadberry) against Mhairi Charlton. I’d seen Mhairi beat our players before so I was going to take no prisoners (especially after Doug’s beetroot comments two weeks ago!). I won the game 3-0, but Mhairi was ahead at the start of every game. She volleyed well and picked up lots of stuff I didn’t expect. It was a good match but I won it reasonably comfortably in the end.

  • So I couldn’t have predicted an 18-1 win! Ya dancer!
  • I also couldn’t have predicted macaroni cheese for dinner (after veggie pasta every week since October!)
  • But I could have predicted a bigger bar bill than normal with the students looking like they were getting ready to hit Ashton Lane!


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