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DLWE v Western 1 – Away (Match Report) 22nd January 2014

PaulHannahLogoWestern 1 tonight away and we got a massive 4 points last time so what could we do tonight?

The team got a 6.15pm start so when I arrived we were off to a flyer. The No.4’s had already finished and the No.5’s were 2 games in. Unfortunately this was as far as the good news went because Dave (Craig) had lost 3-0 at No.4 and Sara (McDonald) was 2-0 down at No.5. Mind you Sara was playing Dunsy (Graham Dunns) and so this was no massive shock as the big Grinch (Dunsey not Sara!) was moving well and putting good pace and length on the ball. Sara played well in the 3rd game I thought; Sean & I shouted encouragement whenever we could, like “Come on Sara, you’ve got him beat!” and “He’s flagging Sara!” – unfortunately he wasn’t flagging enough and despite Sara trying, unwisely, to go right through him on a couple of occasions, on her way to the ball, all she got for her troubles was a couple of bruises! Good effort thought and Dunsey knew that if he let up for a moment he was in trouble.

By the way how difficult is it to pronounce Sara??? Dave calls her “Sarah” and Sean calls her “Zara” despite me telling them every week! Must be an age thing on Sean’s part, not sure what Dave’s excuse is? By the way Dave didn’t want to talk about his 3-0 drubbing by Andy Philips, so I thought I’d bide my time and get the story later.

Doug (Macmillan) went on next against Steven Halliday at No.1 and as he’d got chopped by Steve at the home fixture (2, 6 & 2) I wasn’t optimistic for his chances. As I went to watch the start of the game Dave (in his kit), Sean (not in his kit) and Sara (in her kit) all passed me on their way to the changing rooms – all claiming to be on their way to change. So I arrived at the court and as no one else was there I started marking duties. About three minutes later Dave (in his kit), Sean (not in his kit) and Sara (in her kit) all arrived back on the balcony to watch the match (I’d been stitched up like a kipper!).

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Back to the match and Doug played much better this time, all 3 games were much closer and he was right in the match at times. Don’t get me wrong Steve won 3-0 and the bottom line was that Steve’s length was better, but if Doug could just tighten up a bit there he’d be making a lot more in-roads.

I went on next against Peter Halliday (I feel that I should explain at this point that I’m Jason Broadberry, because a few people have said to me recently:

“Do you write that blog about DLWE matches?”

To which I generally reply.

“What the one on ‘Broadberry Sports’ with ‘Jason Broadberry’ prominently displayed on the home page? Yup, that’s me!”

“OK smart arse, in that case it’s rubbish!”

Anyway I was also chopped in the 1st half by Peter and it was no surprise to me that I couldn’t get near him in the 1st game. However the 2nd was a strange one, as Peter decided he was sufficiently good enough to play only shots and back this up with no running! Well I’ve got no delusions of grandeur, but I’m not that bad either. At 8-0 down Peter thought he’d better pull his finger out and try – and he very nearly managed it as well, but I used the lead to good effect and sneaked home.

Now I can’t remember who won the 3rd and 4th but we got one each and so to the 5th! Now I was floating the ball around like an old b*****d and Peter was generally trying to keep the pace high, so the contrast in styles made the contest interesting all the way to 10-7 game ball to me! At this point the tide turned against me as:

  • I missed a cross court nic attempt…. glory boy!
  • Got a stroke given against me (debateable I thought, and so I did! Well it wasn’t really a debate, more a petulant rant!) – and thirdly
  • Peter framed a winner (****)

So going into the tie-break I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and that’s ultimately where I lost it. Still 3-2 wasn’t a terrible result (although it felt like it for about 30 minutes after! And comments like “You should have won that” and “If it makes you feel any better you were lucky to get those two ‘fault’ calls.” didn’t make me feel better! But Peter summed it up quite nicely when he said “I feel massively relieved and you must feel massively annoyed”

The banter was flowing in the changing rooms when two guys were discussing their game and one said “Well I’m not making any excuses, but I did play golf already today” to which the reply came back “Are you any better at that game?” – that cheered me up! A bit!

Last on was Sean (Norris) against Peter Robson at No.3. Sean was hitting a ridiculous width in the 1st, with the ball going outside the width of the service box! So he go chopped 11-2. I decided that I didn’t need to tell him to stop hitting the ball down the middle and this must just be a blip – it wasn’t. Everything came down the middle in the 2nd game as well and again it was 11-2. So I wearily trudged down the stairs to give him my thoughts “Aim for the side wall not the centre line you Muppet!” was the advice and do you know it made a 350% difference! Not enough to win the game, but he got a respectable 7 points this time.

So 18-2! Doah! Well it was always going to be a tough one against the No.4 club in the division, but having played 2 of the top 4 clubs already, things can only get easier….. hopefully! Big clash against the Uni next week – let’s hope it’s exam time!

Chinese for dinner and Deuchars as well – class! Then I nipped home and watched highlights of Shabana beat Matthew at the ToC squash. Have a look at:




JP Turbo

JP Turbo

JP Spark

JP Spark

    January 23, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    As usual, MASSIVELY chronic chat from Halliday Jnr.

    Commiserations Jase. 😦

    • January 24, 2014 at 12:26 am

      How do you know T.G.H.M.? You weren’t even there!!

        January 24, 2014 at 12:31 pm

        “I feel massively relieved and you must feel massively annoyed”

        That is such a Halliday Jnr phrase that I could “hear” him say it as I read it… I can only imagine the rest of his patter was of similar quality. =)

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