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DLWE v Newlands 1 – Home (Match Report) 15th January 2014

PaulHannahLogoNewlands again this week and this time the Newlands Foreign Legion 1st team came calling! And we were looking to do better than the 18-2 result from the 1st half.

At No.5 Sara (McDonald)  was on first against Malky Watt (we’d strengthened the team this week by dropping Richard!). Malky was playing as well as ever and getting everything back (as ever) so this was always going to be a tough one for Sara. Malky took the 1st game, but then Sara got a really good lead in the 2nd game and managed to hold on to win this one. However Malky started to ramp up the pace & pressure and won the next two to win 3-1 (but already we’d gotten a massive 1 point on the board!). So what could the rest of the team do to build on that; was the question? Well nothing – was the answer!

Dave (Craig) went on at the same time against Angus Woodward at No.4 and I didn’t see this one as I was marking, but it seems that the big man was given a torrid time of it by Angus who dominated the game from the start. I saw the last game and it was evident that Big Dave just wasn’t able to get into his rhythm and so lost the 3rd and the match.

Doug (Macmillan) was on against Scotland’s No.2 Greg Lobban. Well if the rest of us were up against it, it was x10 for Dougie against the Harrow man who is No.82 in the World Rankings by the way!

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The crowd were loving it however and Doug was practicing his court sprints for most of the match. And to be fair he acquitted himself well and gave a good show, but inevitably Greg gave him the run around and then finished him off. So another 3-0.

I went on next against Paul Bell (up from Cumbria) and after the comprehensive chopping I got in the 1st half of the season I was reasonably sure my standard hadn’t improved enough in the past 3 months to overturn this. But enough of the defeatist attitude! I had a great run last time and was looking for the same again.

I put too much pace on the ball at first and Paul wasn’t troubled with even my best shots, so I needed to slow it down a bit just to be able to stay in the rallies. However my main problems were:

1)      Too much pace wasn’t troubling Paul at all

2)      Anything short was pounced on and put away

3)      Anything across court and a telescopic arm came out and volleyed me away


Even the slower pace was eventually pounced on. So while I was trying all sorts of things, the match was slipping away and I was 2 and a half 0 down. Just then Paul decided he was going to play a few shots off anything; at this point I did have a bit of success as I got in front of him and volleyed short (which gave the crowd the impression that I was in the match! Which I wasn’t!! But it did look good!!!). Eventually match ball came and despite saving a few, the inevitable happened and it was 3-0 to Paul.

Last up was Sean (Norris) against Vicky Bell (also up from Cumbria with her brother Paul). Sean looked like he was in this in the 1st and I think he may have even had a game ball (to get our much needed 2nd point!). But Vicky won that and then started to dominate the match. Sean was flinging himself round and generally making a nuisance of himself, but no dice here either and we lost 3-0.

So an 18-1 loss and thank god Sara was playing for the team point! There was a mountain of veggie pasta for dinner when Doug managed to embarrass himself and go the brightest red I’ve ever seen. After the Bells had left to make the trip back to Cumbria, he was slagging Sean for losing to Vicky (not realising that Greg’s girlfriend and World Ranked No.99 – Taylor Flavell – was sitting right next to him!) – donkey!

JP Spark

JP Spark

JP Turbo

JP Turbo



  1. January 16, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Oh donkey! Anyone for ping-pong?

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