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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away (Match Report) 8th January 2014

PaulHannahLogo2014 eh! I wonder what the year will have in store for us? Well there’s the Commonwealth Games squash tournament (nice of them to go to all that trouble just for squash!?!?) and then there is that big team tournament in September, what’s it called again – oh yes the Euro Club Championships. And don’t forget the big vote that will decide our very future……. will squash get into the 2024 Olympics?Anyway enough of the big questions – Wednesday West Squash is back! Ya dancer! And as ever we all turn up, having eaten and drunk too much over the festive period, dreading playing the first match and getting thrashed. That is until we realise that our opponent is thinking exactly the same thing!

Having said that a very thin and fit looking James Singh wished me a Happy New Year and it didn’t look like he’d enjoyed Christmas & New Year as much as me! I did win the 1st game though and quite comfortably as well – James was going for a winner very early in every rally and once I’d been beaten about half a dozen times I started to get wise to it! So when I got to the 1st attacking shot I forced a load of errors and eventually took the game.

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The 2nd was much the same, but James played better and got a good lead, in fact he got to game ball first. A bit of digging was required and I managed to do exactly that and I won the tie break. The 3rd was exactly the same and once again I managed to pull back another game ball to nick the tie-break and the match 3-0, but I was fortunate and it could have been very different.

Next on was Sean (Norris) against Pete Cumnie. Pete’s standard is really coming on and he destroyed Sean in the 1st game; but Sean showed good signs of getting back into the match in the 2nd, despite losing this one as well. However the 3rd saw a total transformation in Sean as he dominated this game by digging like cwazy. This made Pete play much more negatively and Sean mopped up the rallies and won the game with some good squash. The 4th was a hell of a battle and the rallies were physically very tough; at 10-10 it was all about who had the most left in the tank and unfortunately (for us) Pete had one more turbo-boost to take the last two points and win the match 3-1.

I was chatting to one of the players about an injury he sustained over the weekend and he told me that he was in a lot of pain, right up to the moment he took 2 Paracetamol and 5 cans of Stella, then amazingly he felt much better!

Big Rich went on next, despite missing his train and not bringing any shorts to play in (so Dave leant him a pair and he was off and running). They obviously brought him luck in the 1st game as he took a storming lead against Mic Cockburn. However Mic then tightened up considerably to win the 2nd. There was an innocuous looking rally in the 3rd, which ended in Rich losing it tamely – so I assumed it was not a very important point, but then both players came off the court and it transpired it happened at 10-9 game ball to Mic (so probably the most important point of the game and maybe even the match!). I was trying to work out what to say to Rich when John Singh walked by and nonchalantly said ‘his problem is he’s too nice on court; does he think he’s playing a friendly?’ and I have to say that did sum things up quite well!

Rich went on in the 3rd with his ‘determined head’ on, but it was a bit too late now. It was a tough game, but Mic had the momentum and was much more confident – so 3-1 to Mic, but I have to say Rich did well to get a team point in the 1st game.

Dave (Craig) took to the court next against Stuart Brunton and it looked like Dave had forgotten how to play team squash in the first 2 games. Stu dominated and anything short & loose, or mid court was dispatched. “So don’t play short & loose or mid court I ventured!” What a difference in the 3rd! I think Dave would have beaten anyone in this game, his length was incredible, he moved Stuart about beautifully and won easily. The only question was could he keep this going. The 4th game was good, but not at the same dizzy heights as the 3rd for Dave and so Stu won, what in the end was a tough last game, to win the match 3-1.

Last on was Doug (Macmillan) v Mark Ford. Mark was up 10-1 in the first and we thought this was a bad start for Doug (which it was) until we remembered that it was 11-1 in the last fixture so maybe just a standard start! But Doug got a flurry of points, before the guillotine was brought down on the 1st game – so really an improvement!

Dave C went on to an empty court and sat right in the middle of the court and started stretching. I shouted over “That’s the closest you got to the ‘T’ all night big man!’. But it was nice of Dave to set me up with this sort of quality material!

Mark went on to dominate the first string match and looked impressive doing it! His trademark wonderful reading of the game and great movement was, as ever, a joy to watch. However Doug did put in a good shift and as I said he did better (points wise) than their last encounter – so an improvement!

And a 1 point improvement for the team as well, as we finished 6-15.

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower after the match and that’s exactly what we got……… nothing like a nice hot shower! Still pizza, chips and Erdinger for dinner and we were all pretty happy with that.


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