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DLWE v Giffnock – Away (Match Report) 16th January 2013


There were 3 Giffnock teams playing on only 2 courts tonight, so I steeled myself for a midnight finish as we lined up against their 3rd team. Fortunately team 1 were playing team 2 so that helped!

When I arrived David (Ritchie) was already on against Andy Penman at No.5, in a 6.30pm arranged match. Dave was 1-0 down, but when I joined it in the 2nd game I wasn’t sure what the problem was. David was dominating the game and was hitting a really good length, which Andy was either having to go and retrieve a lot or he was taking a chance and hitting too many down. Dave was moving to the front well as well. I thought this could be a good chance for us. It was! Davie won the 2nd and continued on in much the same vein for the rest of the match. Good 3-1 performance from our new No.5.

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David (Craig) went on next against youngster number one, Patrick O’Sullivan at No.4. This reporter is shocked to announce that David won the 1st game, which is a feat that he’s not managed this year (?) except last week (??) Having said that it was 16-14. I was thinking if he can win the 1st game he’s got a good chance in the rest of the match. However Patrick was just getting into the swing of things and was playing really well with some tenacious squash and a lot of good movement. The match swung one way and the other and inevitably to the 5th. David dug deep in the 5th and kept his nose in front most of the way and in the end this made the difference, as he pressed home the advantage (just as well as he may never beat him again!). Great game though and both players got MOTM.

Next up was Rich (Cantlay) at No.2 v Ewan Wallace; now this was another real barnstormer. Ewan got off to a flyer and was breaking Rich’s rhythm really well with some good volleying (and a harsh stroke on game ball from our marker Dave R). However the backhand side was where this match was going to be won or lost as Ewan’s backhand was weaker and he made a lot more mistakes on this side. The first problem was to persuade Richard of this, the next was for him to exploit it with good length. Rich dominated the 2nd game by forcing quite a few mistakes on Ewan’s backhand. Strangely Rich didn’t believe this and instead put it down to the rhythm he was playing and promptly got chopped in the 3rd 15-5!

Another sales job was required and I told Rich that the reason he lost was coz he let Ewan volley on the forehand too much, and dictate the play. If he played the ball more onto the backhand he would be able to dictate the rhythm and force a load of errors ……………… 6-15 to Rich in the 4th.

Last game and last chance to persuade Rich to pound the backhand. He largely did this, although I’d have preferred to see a better length. He eventually squeezed home 15-11; a good fighting performance from Rich at No.2.

I had a quick look at the Giffnock 1st and 2nd team No.1’s playing, Kevin Moran v Stu George. Well it looked like a totally different game to the match we were playing! Stu sneaked the 1st and I saw the 2nd game. What a performance by Kev in this one – he looked dominant and precise. The change I noticed since I saw him last (in just this one game admittedly) was that all his concentration was going into hitting the standard shots brilliantly (instead of over playing the trick shots) and his game looked great. He eventually won 3-1 I think.

Back to our match and  Ben (Mazzucco) took on Nick Firth at No.3 next and this turned out to be another great battle. Could Ben keep it off the tennis coaches volley and also hit a good length? Well the answer to this was ‘yes’ he could, but only just. It was 16-14  13-12  15-12  15-12, Ben played really well and there was a great battle of wills as to how many different places Ben could serve without giving Nick a volley (it would be fair to say Ben won this battle). Then it was a matter of whether Ben could get a good enough length and then dominate the rally from there, he certainly did this in the last 2 games and came out victorious with a 3-1 win (Nick was so upset with this loss he’s going to leave the country! Next week!).

I went on last against James Singh (youngster number two) at No.1 and had heard that he’s been getting some good scalps in the team challenges recently, which worried me. Fortunately I was able to dominate this one and James made just too many errors. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be chopping me in years to come, but tonight I didn’t have to Singh for my supper! (sorry about that!).

Talking of supper it was macaroni cheese topped with chorizo. And there was a novel way of making this vegetarian for James and I. Just take the top layer off and hey presto the rest was veggie! Still at least the beer was veggie – a lovely pint of Erdinger.

So a good win tonight against the Giffnock lads and as 3 of the matches were really tight this could easily have gone either way.

Oh look it’s the 17th Jan – Happy birthday to me!

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