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DLWE v Strathgryffe – Home (Match Report) 9th January 2013

westsquashsitelogo1The first west Team match of 2013 and it’s already the 2nd fixture of the 2nd half!? Eh??

Great to see the Strathgryffe 2nd team lads make the trip to the north side to see us. First on were Ben (Mazzucco) v Alex Ward and Richard (Cantlay) v David Archibald. I marked captain Cantlay’s match so missed Ben’s game. Rich dominated his match and played some good squash; in fact Sean and I both agree that Rich is actually turning himself into a squash player these days! He was controlling the rallies and had David either very short with a quick hard punch to the front, or played a good deep length (and the drops were good as well). David was very quick and fit, but was just handing the initiative back to Richard most of the time. A good 3-0 win for Captain C.


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Meanwhile Ben was giving Alex the run-around. I went over to watch in-between games and Ben was moving well and not letting Alex in at all. So I wasn’t surprised to see that he won the match 3-0. Another solid win for Ben.

David (Craig) creaked onto court at No.5 next against young Struan Grant (who is a giant and must be standing about 6’5” at the moment). David’s getting better at warming up these days though and he now has to take off a pair of trackies over his gutties, so that get’s him moving a bit.

Well it was a good win for David and he was generally just too steady for Struan, although he did have to go the distance in the 3rd game to win 16-14 and take the tie 3-0. Struan played well and did move David about well and I reckon in a year or three he’ll be beating all of us! (as will Ben, and Alex!)

Next up was the now legendary No.2 battle between Sean (Norris) v Garry McIlree. Now this isn’t the biggest match up you’ll ever see in a squash court, in fact I asked “Do you two need a full sized court to play on? Or maybe you could play your match under the stairs and free up a court for the rest of us!” You can imagine the abuse I got of little Sean for that!

Another great game though and a five setter as well. Sean looked in control of the games he won – and tired in the ones he lost, so it was going to take a big effort in the 5th. And a big effort was what we got from both men (and a fair amount of fishing from Sean) – still all the antics and games-man-ship made not a jot of difference to the result, but the better length and waiting for the right opportunity did mean that Sean sneaked home 3-2. MOTM to Sean and Garry I say.

I (Jason Broadberry) went on last against The Pirate (Chris Patrick) at No.1 on court one, with the all-glass-side-wall. Well you should have heard the moaning from Chris. He couldn’t see the ball, he couldn’t hit the ball, he could however “heed-the-baw”!

“Well,” I said “if you actually look at the ball rather that the women walking past then you have a sporting chance big yin!” – We switched courts and when Chris stopped greetin’ we had a great game. I won the first two (with some unbelievable squash. No really you wouldn’t believe it!) Chris won the next two (with some quality hacking!) and so to the 5th.

Between the 4th & 5th games Rich said “You’re not trying; now pull your bloody finger out and stop being a chump.” Well he didn’t use those exact words, but that was the gist! A bit harsh I though as Paddy is a bloody good player and he was also playing quite well. Still I would certainly have to concentrate better to stand a chance, and as concentration is the one thing Chris can’t do it may make the difference!

And it did. I won the 5th game and the match 3-2.

So a good match win for the team and maximum points as well.

At the meal the youngsters wanted to know about my hair and my veggie-ness over dinner (have youngsters not got better things to discuss these days, like girls and cars?) so I batted off the questions and then and reminisced with Paddy about the old days, when we played in the same team. Happy days! (and the Ballyearl Festival of Squash – Chris is a legend over there!).

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