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South African Knights Match v West Select @ Newlands 8th January 2013

Knights Come and Support our West Select Team v The South African Knights at Newlands in Glasgow on Tuesday 8th January 2013 (8pm).

The Knights are a 5 man team of under 25 Regional players that are already 11 matches into their 2012/13 tour, with wins against the likes of Roehampton, Wimbledon and Guernsey and losses against clubs like St Georges Hill, Coolhurst & the Jesters. Why not have a look at their results on their Facebook page by clicking here


The Knights v Aberdeen Jan 2011 (including Peter Nicol)

The Knights are a famous touring team that come over ever other year to play throughout the UK and have been doing so for many years. The players in the team fund this fantastic trip themselves and normally win many more matches than they lose in their 35 date tour.Our “West Select” team this year will be Jamie Henderson (Western) – Mark Ford (Newlands) – Stuart George (Giffnock) – Owen Hadden (Giffnock) and Kenny Boyle (Hamilton) – so why not book this date off and come and support the West Team and have a good night out with some excellent squash on view!

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