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DLWE v Craighellen – Away (Match Report) 12th December 2012


I haven’t been to Craighelen to play squash for about 20 years, so the team met at the club at 6.15pm (although Ben turned up 30mins late and Sean went to the wrong club!). Captain Cantlay made his way to Craighelen via Edinburgh – Orkney – Edinburgh – Glasgow and Hellensburgh and he still arrived first. And all on 12-12-12 (it’s the last time we’ll see that numeric novelty again!)

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It was good to see that Craighelen have installed heating, but it was still pretty cold as David (Ritchie) went on first at No.5. Well to say that his opponent (Si) had home advantage is putting it mildly. He volleyed really well, and his cross courts in conjunction with his boast really put paid to David’s resistance. The first two games were tight up to 12-11, but Si took both games 12-15. Throughout the match Dave looked a bit confused and was ending up in some strange positions on the court; I just put it down to his opponent’s wileyness, and it was to a certain extent, but little did I know what was in store for me! Si won the 3rd as well and so a frustrated Dave left the court (Sean marked shocker!).

Ben (Mazzucco) went on at the same time as David and he played Kieran Martin. Despite a slow start he walked the 1st game 15-7, but Kieran sprang into life and almost took the 2nd. He was up 12-14 and Ben had to scramble to make a last ditch effort to win this one. Ben used the pace of the court well (or lack of it) and managed to keep his opponent under pressure to win the 3rd comfortably.

Sean and I went on next so I missed his 3-0 win at No.2 against Jo Rainey, but he was off quickly so I assume that it was straight-forward-ish. I played Ronnie Campbell at No.1 and in the knock-up I was determined to get moving (and get the ball moving as well) but I was preoccupied with the fact that the ball kept coming back at funny angles. I had to scratch my head on a number of occasions as I hit a perfectly good shot and it ended up miles away from where I’d aimed. I had a look at the front wall and saw the reason why. There were big cracks and uneven parts all over (this explained David’s match now). Despite all that I got a good start and was 13-7 up. Ronnie then staged a great comeback, but I won the game 15-12. The second was a different kettle of fish and Ronnie went into a completely different style of game. He was lightning to the front and kept playing strange angles to confuse the hell out of me! I was getting more and more frustrated with the bounce off the front wall (and the side one sometimes – I discovered that the side wall was damp and so made the ball skid to boot!). Ronnie eventually won this one 15-12.

RIGHT! Match head on. Concentrate and follow the ball really carefully, as it’s not doing what it should. I did this and started to stamp my own game on proceedings. I’m looking at the score now and I won the last two games 15-5, but I remember them being much harder than that score suggests. Ho-hum! Maybe that’s what happens when you concentrate!!

Richard (Cantlay) was on last (the old adage – 1st to arrive/last on) and he played Kurt Hart at No.3 which really surprised me as it was clear to all that Kurt was the best player at the club according to the ladder where he was the only player on it (having said that he was in the 4th slot down!). Rich was 2-0 down (14-16 & 13-15) and struggling. He just needed to keep the ball straighter and off Kurt’s volley and he did this well in the 3rd to win  comfortably 15-4 and the 4th 15-11.

During the game I saw something I’d never seen on a squash court before and I can only describe it as the “Kurt Dive/Slide”. It must have been similar to when the first person turned up to the Olympic high jump in 1968 and saw Dick Fosbury perform his “Fosbury Flop” for the first time. It’s difficult to describe, but there is none of that diving forward with your racket out, hitting the ball in mid air and then landing nonsense for Kurt! He sort of slides on his side/ass into the corner to retrieve the ball and then is back on his feet like a whippet chasing the next shot. It’s a fantastic innovation that I fully intend to copy (when I stop laughing!)……………..(don’t try this at home kids)………….. (or on a squash court!!)……………(normal conditions apply)………………….(seek medical advice first!)

And so to the 5th game. Kurt was no doubt tiring, but he was also dangerous with his lobs and drops (and dive/slides). Richard decided not to play anything straight in the 5th and give Kurt the maximum opportunity to beat him, but a good run from 7-5 to 13-5 sealed the game and the match to Rich 3-2. MOTM to both players.

So pizza for tea and when I asked if there was any veggie I was told I could have the ham & mushroom one! “Just coz it has mushrooms on it, it doesn’t automatically make it veggie I ventured!” So chips it was and pint of Newky Brown (haven’t had that in ages – howay man it was foo**** magic!

PS – is anyone else confused as to why the 2nd half matches are starting next week??

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