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DLWE v Western 3 – Away (Match Report) 24th Oct 2012

Once again my late arrival meant that I missed Ben’s match (poor commitment I know!). Richard said Ben played well and won 3-0, as did Sean. Western’s No.1 (Steve) said he was a great No.5 to have and his opponent said he was too strong, so when I asked Ben how he played I was thinking he’d be full of himself. Instead all I got was “I was rubbish”. “Well,” I said “I hope play rubbish and win 3-0 like you!” (I didn’t though I was fabulous!…….. In my own lunchtime!!). So a good 15-10  15-5  17-15 to kick the evening off against John Millar at No.5 (Ben spent the rest of the evening texting).


I did see Captain Cantlay’s match though and he was playing a blinder. 15-9 in the 1st was followed by a great come back from 6-12 down to win a lung-busting 2nd game 15-13. “Hit straight,” was the advise “and even when you get tired of hitting straight and think that he (Hamish Foster their No.3) must be covering the straight he isn’t; so hit more straight.” Unfortunately Rich was of the opinion that Hamish would get bored of volleying his cross court drives away and so he didn’t change until 10-6 down in the 3rd (despite Sean and I telling him between every game). But digging deep Captain C straightened up and 6-10 down was soon 12-10 up. Enough of the tactics for Rich and just boom it any old place. Fortunately at 15-15 Rich found couple of good boasts to take the game 17-15 and the match 3-0 (MOTM to Captain Cantlay for sheer effort; and for winning the game without the use of a drop shot!).

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After last week’s comical warm up David Craig had obviously learned nothing from that experience, as this week’s warm up involved wearing his scarf!?! Still at least he had to stand up to watch the previous game, so he did get moving in the 1st game – at No.4, against Paul Whitely. Paul must enjoy fishing when home in the Yorkshire Dales, as he turned up with his fishing-racket. He proceed to try and use it a couple of times fishing for ridiculous strokes I’d only previously seen from Sean and McSherry (and me!). He didn’t get them as I was marking – it was entertaining chat though! Paul did get 3 tough games however. The first was anyone’s and Dave sneaked it 18-16 the 2nd and 3rd followed similar patterns with Paul hitting all the shots and Dave chasing around after them up to 9ish. After that Dave dominated and Paul tired. David won the next two games 15-10 15-11 and took the match 3-0 (and the bonus points).


During David and Sean’s games we had the fascinating sight of Rich and Ben texting each other from opposite ends of the balcony (youngsters today eh!).

Next up at No.2 was Sean (Norris) v Borja Alcalde; a great name and a great game from Borja. The word idiosyncratic was invented for him on a squash court and at 5-7 down Sean was having trouble working out what was going on. Borja has invented a bizarre ‘backhand/forehand drop’ and an amazing drop from the back with the racket moving at 100mph; all very entertaining to watch. Sean came back fighting to win the 1st game 15-10.

I told Sean something I thought I’d never say to him! It was that he was the squash player on the court and he needed to dominate the ‘T’ (normally I’m saying stop running around like a crazy person!). The marker (Hamish) was having a hard time of it as well, as both players kept asking him to justify his decisions (the best one being when he gave an A4 response to ‘a let’ that was obviously ‘a let’ and he explained all the rules of ‘a let’!). Borja poured everything into the 2nd game and 12-9 up he was going to be difficult to stop. Very difficult as it turns out as he won the game 16-14. I would say “Too little too late.” to Sean, but “Too little” is enough!

Fortunately Borja was tiring quickly and Sean ramped up the pressure physically. Borja was spent and 15-5  15-4 followed quickly for Sean to take the match 3-1 (MOTM to the Spanish bull though for a thoroughly entertaining game).


I went on last against Steve Luker at No.1 and we had a good old tussle in the 1st game. I was a bit lose and Steve was volleying well at 5-5. However I managed to take away his volley after that and this was the turning point in the match. I dominated the rest of the 1st game and won it 15-8. Ben was busy texting whilst marking our game (I know I move slowly, but I didn’t think it was that slowly!). I really took charge in the 2nd game and at 7-0 up I wondered if I could possible had out a doughnut in a game to 15! ‘No’ was the answer, but it was close! Paul (H) the roving reporter had seen enough of my silky skills and went to continue his report of the other match as I won the 3rd game to wrap up the match 3-0.

A Chinese meal for dinner and Deuchars at the bar, whilst listening to Ben slagging Sean for everything from his shirt to his weight (serves him right for nicking half my meal!).

  1. AMcS
    October 25, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Excellent report. Would have liked to have seen more on curly bob’s (i.e. DC) game. Also – was Ben’s texting ‘fruitful’?

    • October 25, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      I was going to give you COTM for staying for 5-8 minutes (after going to the wrong venue for an hour!)

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