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DLWE v Gryffe 2 – Away (Match Report) 3rd Oct 2012

 A trip to Houston tonight and a match up v Strathgryffe 2 – and when I saw Lee Frazer and Garry McIlree at 1 & 2 I thought the 1st team must be strong (and surely that also meant that Ross Lawrie would be playing at 3 in the 2nd team!). I arrived late (I was trying a new route via Foxbar and got hopelessly lost) so missed the No.5 string match. The two youngsters, Ben (Mazzucco) and Alex Ward were battling it out and Ben managed to bring the match home 3-0 for us; but not before a really tough 18-16 first game. All who watched told me that both players played really well.

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Next on at No.4 was big Davie (Craig) v Colin Stewart. What a start Colin got, racing to 5-0 and 6-1 with some quick play and tricky shots. But Dave must have got his fishing rod out as he began reeling Colin in, inch by inch. By the time it was 10-10 the momentum was with Dave and he won the 1st 15-11. He must have been pretty pleased with his performance coz he took the foot off the gas in the 2nd and so was staring down the barrel at 12-14. Colin was tenacious in getting to 14, but Dave was like the proverbial “dog chasing a stick” at this point. He was flying all over the court and managed to keep himself in it through sheer force of will. Dave eventually sneaked it 16-14. The final game was much more comfortable as Colin tired and David took control with some much straighter play to win 15-5 and take the match 3-0.

Captain Cantlay squeezed onto the court next to take on David Archibald at No.3. Dave was catching Rich time after time with his backhand boast and straight drops and Rich was spinning like a top up to 6-3. But at that point he got into the game and started to launch a comeback with 5 points in a row, then Dave got the next 4 on the trot, Rich the next 3 and Dave the following 2. It was soon 14-14 and just at the right time for us Rich managed to clinch the last two points to win 16-14.

Rich would need to get his match head on or this was going to be a real tough one. Fortunately he did exactly that and took command of the game (and in-so-doing the match as well) winning it 15-11 (although he was 14-7 up!). He then routed the last game and at 11-0 down I was wondering where David was going to get a point. Just then Rich attempted a drop and there it was. None the less a good 3-0 win to the team.

Sean (Norris) was up next against Garry McIlree at No.2 and this was a spicy one. It was tight all the way through the match and fiercely contested. Sean managed to sneak the 1st as both players were scrambling about for the ball and position. Inevitably this lead to a few incidents for the marker to call in the 2nd and 3rd games; Garry felt much more aggrieved with the decisions as he came back from 11-5 down to 11-12. Sean was trying to finish things too quickly and Garry had tightened up his shots. Fortunately for us Sean regained his composure just in time and won the 2nd 15-12. The 3rd again had the ref reaching for the rule book on more than one occasion, but with a 9-3 lead Sean was going to be difficult to catch. And so it proved as he eventually won 15-7 to take the match 3-0.

I went on v Lee Frazer last at No.1 and this week I was very glad that the games all went up to 15 (instead of 11) otherwise I fear I may have got chopped! Lee has got some wrist on him and it’s very difficult to read what the next shot is going to be. Probably the best thing is to expect a standard shot and then just run in the opposite direction!

At 11-6 down in the 1st I knew something had to change and fortunately it did as I pulled it back to 14-13 by tightening up at the back. Lee played some ridiculous shot to pull it back into a tie break, but fortunately I managed to just sneak home 16-14. The 2nd and 3rd games saw Lee start to play another ridiculously wristy shot. It was a cross-court drop from his forehand to mine (he’s a lefty) and normally they were too tight or in the nic at the front. He played this so much you would have thought I’d start getting them, but it was 15-10 to Lee in the 2nd and 8-4 in the 3rd before I was making any progress with this one. I managed to get the 3rd back to 12-12 and then went on to win it 15-13, but only because Lee was tiring. So keep the pressure on for the 4th and my mantra was “just make him play another shot”. I think it worked as I won the game 15-9 (at 8-8 I got the next 6 points in a row) and took the match 3-1.

In the bar after we all wondered why Richard’s tuby grip, which was on his ham-string last week, was only on his calf this week. Lee surmised that it was a new support and it wouldn’t stretch past the knee! Pizza and Houston Ale rounded up another good Wednesday night out.

I’m off to the Edinburgh Octoberfest Squash Tourney this weekend for some serious training! And by training I mean beer!!

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