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DLR v Western 2 – Home (Match Report) 7th March 2012

I spoke to Logie (Iain Logan) earlier this week to organise things for tonight and happened to ask who I was playing. He said it would be Dave Kelly – and he’s been in training all week to play you, by running round large trees and roundabouts!………………………………………………….. Bloody cheek!

Well it was a strange old match last night as a couple of the ties were quite one sided, the first being at No.5. The Western No.5 had told no one that he was away this week, but he must have been as he wasn’t there! So we won 3-0 – well played Jase (Lang).

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Sean and I went on at the same time again this week. DK and I had a good match at No.3 and the score line in the first two games doesn’t really belie the rallies we had (11-1  11-3). The 3rd was a different story though and as I found my concentration had completely deserted me and I was thinking about dinner, footie and beer when Dave went 9-4 up! The bottom line was that I was hitting too much cross-court and Dave was picking these off with his Inspector Gadget like reach. Fortunately I got back to the programme and not a second too late, as the game swung back to 10-10; and with the momentum with me, I was lucky to be able to finish things up 12-10.

Sean (Norris) was on court when I was on so I didn’t see his game at No.4 against Andy Neeley, but looking at the score sheet he was only ever behind twice (and only for 1 point each time), so he must have dominated the match. Good result  11-4 11-4 11-6 (MOTM to Sean).

Kev Moran and Logers were on next at No.2 and I joined this at 1-1 (11-4  9-11). Kev wasn’t moving particularly fast tonight and was playing lots of shots that Logie was happy to chase. Logie had a tactic of  serving behind Kev’s body on the backhand side and Kev decided to slap a few returns into the nic with a bizarre swing that I’d never seen before (it looked very impressive so I must try it!). The 3rd game saw a very tight 11-13 to Logie and it was now obvious that something was wrong with Kev’s movement. Logie wrapped things up 2-11 to take the tie 3-1 (MOTM to Logington)

Last up at No.1 was Dougie (Kempsell) v Steve Halliday. Steve didn’t say anything or complain, but he just didn’t look 100%. Don’t get me wrong he’d still have thrashed me, but he certainly wasn’t his normal shot-making, nippy self. He lost the 1st 11-3 and although things were considerably better in the 2nd he was still off the pace and lost it 11-7. The Western lads suggested to Steve (tongue in cheek) that if he played ‘eyes out’ and ‘thundered around the court’ this would be the answer! We’ll never know as Dougie wrapped things up 11-3 in the last for a 3-0 victory and a 16-3 win for the team.

So we retired to the bar to discuss squash TV, Rangers & Greece (and whether we could do a swap!), my hair (!) and Jethro Bins standing on an inflatable Pilates ball on court and doing figure of eight volleys?!?!?! Apparently he holds the World Record for this – I wonder who he wrestled that title off?!?!? Then we listen to DK entertain the troops with his one liners for the rest of the night as the lads shovelled chilli back and even the veggie got something to eat!

Well Logie, Owen (Hadden) and I are off to Belfast for a tour this weekend with a match against the Civil Service on Friday Night and a tournament at Ballyearl on Saturday. Not sure I’ve played this much competitive squash since the 90s! Maybe try and get a weekend match report out!

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