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DLR v SSRC – Away (Match Report) 29th February 2012

Back to normal tonight and a trip to deepest darkest Maryhill for a match against SSRC.

Now the “West Senior Ranking & Junior B” Tournament had been held at the club over the weekend and had produced not only some very interesting results, but had also affected our team order. The event was won by Harrow’s Dougie Kempsell and not only did he beat Chris Fergusson in the final, but he also beat Kev (Moran) in the semi-final with the added spice of having the DLR West League No.1 spot up for grabs! …..Cont’d below

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So first on at No.2 was Kev against Dave Ward. This was a bit of fun with Dave playing the part of the pantomime dame and Kev was (I’m tempted to say one of the ugly sisters!) Peter Pan! Kev was flying about the court making the ball disappear all over the place and Dave was running about trying to keep up. There were comedy boos and laughter from the audience and Dave even insisted that Kev was given a conduct warning for “taking the piss” and the ref was happy to oblige the request. All a bit of a laugh and Kev won 3-0.

Next up at No.5 was Jason (Lang) against Paul Fergusson and this was a strange one. Paul got a great start in the 1st game going 8-4 up and then (inexplicably) seemed to change personality. Now Jason played well after this slow start, but I can’t help but think that Paul let him in. Paul didn’t seem interested in the battle and let far too many rallies go without a fight. Jason came back to win the 1st game and then in the blink of an eye he went 8-0 up in the next. There was no coming back from that and although the 3rd was closer it wasn’t that close.

Sean (Norris) and I went on next at the same time. I played Chris Holt at No.3 and after losing to him last time we played at SSRC, I was hoping for a better performance. Now if this was a boxing match there would have been a bit of a mismatch between a heavyweight v welterweight (which does bring me onto my theory that we should have weight divisions for squash – I reckon I’d unite the heavyweight belts, mind you now that McSherry has finished who else is there to play?!). Chris was his normal nippy self and so I needed a bit of guile to stand any chance of overturning the result. So a mid paced knock-up was transformed into a completely different style in the 1st game and I think I caught Chris on the hop and won the game 11-notverymuch. But a good come back in the 2nd saw us tied at 10-10………… and 11-11 12-12 & 13-13. What’s the luckiest shot at the most fortunate time you’ve ever played? Mine came last night at 14-13 up! I hit a backhand cross-court which transformed itself into a side-wall nic that bounced within centimetres of the front wall!! Needless to say Chris didn’t really have a chance of reading this one and I took the game and if that wasn’t a match-turning moment then I don’t know what was.

The 3rd saw me tiring and I was only bolstered by my team shouting encouragement to me. I was 9-8 down and got trapped in the back left of the court. Chris flourished his racket behind himself as I attempted to clear and was relieved to get a let. Chris was very upset as he thought he’d done enough to get a stroke. Maybe a lucky call for me (as I’ve had these given both ways), but I pounced on the opportunity.

Let 8-9: High cut serve followed by a quick backhand volley drop

9-9: High serve, pushed Chris to the front and a short cross court volley winner

10-9 game ball: Good serve and a good deep volley to win the match


I’d not seen hardly any of Sean’s game against Dave McCormick, but I did notice that he was down in the 1st game and looking a bit under the cosh. So when I asked him how he was getting on in-between games I was surprised to hear he was 2-0 up. The match ended up 3-1 to Sean and he must have played well to get that result.

Last up was our New No.1 Dougie (straight as a Harrow) Kempsell against Brian Robertson (they also played each other at No.2 last half). Dougie was always going to win this tie, but Brian played really well and made a good fight of it. The score was 3-0.

So with 2 courts that was an early night. When I said I was a veggie the bloke making the food said “tough!” – well it’s not the first time and definitely won’t be the last, so as the others tucked into the chilli I tucked into the Guinness; then home for a 3 cheese stuffed crust pizza and Hawaii50 on telly! So bad it’s hilarious!

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  1. CaL
    March 1, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Crikey, Broaders a veggie, well stone me. Here is what our canadian racketballer said to our veggie at the after match hospitality (pasta only for veggie Dean. Jordan – “if you’re a veggie, how come you’re fat”. Dean – “Same was as you’re american” ;-))

    Unifying the heavyweight division: I nominate Colin McGeady as the contenter for the belt vacated by McSherry. I’ll keep my DSO (Diddy Squash Organisation) heavyweight belt, not worth taking a gubbing from you Div 1 guys, thank you very much

    • March 2, 2012 at 12:52 am

      CaL – Colin isn’t half the man I am (in weight terms!!)

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