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DLR v Glasgow Uni – Home (Match Report) 25th January 2012

The University this week at home so we were expecting a strong performance as the Uni are struggling in the league at the moment.

First on was our new regular No.5 Jason (Lang) and he was up against Ollie Blackmore. Jason was into his stride from the word go this week and was playing a good length mixed in with some positive stuff to the front (or occasionally crazy stuff to the front as us old-boys would have it!) to win 11-6 and much the same in the 2nd to also win 11-5. However Ollie staged a good come-back in the 3rd as Jason’s positive shots to the front became positive shots into the tin once too often for my liking (crazy I say!) to lose this one 9-11. However he managed to screw-the-nut for the 4th and round off another good performance (11-5) to take the match 3-1 and another MOTM for me.

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I was on second and for the second week in a row I managed to dominate the game. I was playing Blair Paton at No.3 and all my shots were coming off and Blair wasn’t really able to get me off the ‘T’. Blair confessed to being a bit out of shape (you can’t say the same about me however because ‘round’ is a shape!) and I’m glad as if I’d have had to chase his booming forehands all over the place he may have seen just how out of shape I was!

Next on was Sean (Norris) against Mairi (?) Charlton at No.4. Sean had a tough one against Mari (??) last half winning 3-1 and I don’t think he was relishing another tough encounter. And this was evident as Marry (???) took the 1st game 11-7 with some great retrieving and excellent length. Sean wasn’t quite as focused as I’ve seen him recently and so he needed to really get his ‘match-head’ on if he was going to make any inroads into this tie. Fortunately he did exactly that and really dominated the next two winning 11-3  11-4. But Ma(dbuth)arry (????) was far from finished and another great retrieving game saw her tie things up (11-9) at 2-2. And so to the 5th. It couldn’t have been tighter all the way to 6-6 and this was when Sean found a few reserves (or lucky shots off the frame and a bit of ass out-blocking!) to nick the game 11-7 and the match 3-2. WOTM was again Mhairi for me for another gritty performance (mind you who else could have got WOTM???? Sean maybe?).

Next on was Dougie (Kempsell) against Dave Lyons. Dougie is getting stronger and stronger each week and he’d win a lot of matches at No.1 so Dave was always going to struggle here. The match was 3-0 to Dougie and he almost handed Dave a ‘haggis’ (normally a doughnut, but changed for Burns Night only!) in the second 11-4  11-1  11-4. I advised Dave to play more rolling-nics in the 3rd game and he initially took my advice to go 2-1 up, but unbelievably he completely ignored my advice for the rest of the match!

Kev (Moran) was on next against Liam Dickson at No.1. One of our club members said “Isn’t Liam the one who was eating chips in-between games last time he was here playing Kev?” and he’s was correct it was Liam last season – gotta be famous for something! Liam played really well and it was very interesting to see two players with similar games fighting it out. Things were really tight in the 1st and 3rd games especially, at 9-8 and 7-7 respectively, but cometh the hour and all that (!) and Kev managed to sneak these 2 games and win the 2nd more easily 11-9  11-3  11-7.

So some good points for the team here and we retired to the bar for a Burns supper, but unfortunately it was just tatties and not a haggis in sight!

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