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DLR v Western 2 – Away (Match Report) 30th November 2011

Although our opponents, Western 1, are 7th in the table at the moment, with their strength in depth anything could happen. The team got another early start tonight and No.5 and 4 were on at 6.15pm.

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The first two on court were Sean (Norris) and Jason (Lang) at 4 & 5 respectively, both before I got there. Sean played Dave Kelly and had a bit of a battle. From what I hear Sean and Dave were going by the old adage “Why win in 3 when you can string it out to 5 games!” The crux of the game seems to have been the 4th. Sean was 2-1 up and had three match balls! But DK must have put every last bit of effort into not only saving these points, but to go on and win the 4th game 16-14. I say he must have put every last bit of effort as he got pumped 11-4 in the 5th! But if you’re going to lose you should do it in 5, so good effort from the big man (and MOTM to Sean)

Jason was up against a West Squash legend in John Morris and I wouldn’t be surprised to see John being promoted up the teams soon. The first game was tight at 11-9, but Jason admitted to losing his confidence (and his length) after that and the next two games also slipped out of his reach 11-1  11-9, no problem losing to John and I’m not sure I would have like to play him myself.

Dougie (Kempsell) took to the court against Logie at No.2. This game had ‘high pace’ written all over it and it didn’t disappoint. This match was basically a game of court sprints with the ball being speeded to the back with tight low drives and then fizzed to the front with low two-wall boasts (and the odd drop – and they were!). Well it was a good match to watch and Dougie looked in control of much of it as Logington tired. But not before he made a major challenge in the 2nd at 9-9, however Dougie even wrestled this game back to win it and although Logie gave it everything in the 3rd he was spent by this time; so 3-0 to Dougie and a good performance.

I went on next against Graham Dunns at No.3 (some of you may have noticed that this was for the match!). Dunsey, or the Grinch as he’s known to his team mates, was playing better than he has for a while as he’s been (relatively) injury free. This was going to be a tough one! The first three rallies were crash, bang, wallop and it didn’t take me long to realise that this was never going to last. So I took the pace right off the ball and went for accuracy instead. This turned out to be the way ahead and I took the 1st game 11-6. At 4-0 down in the 2nd game I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to change the plan already and luckily at this point I went on a 9 point run to secure the game, despite a comeback from Graham (11-8). The 3rd saw Dunsey get into his stride and volley much better. I was cross-courting too much and Graham was taking full advantage. It was close, but I lost it 11-9. In the 4th I got a good 9-5 lead and Dunsey was questioning a few decisions (despite having the old fishing-racket out for the odd stroke himself! (Funnily enough I recall playing Dunsey in a National League match when I first arrived up here. I remember thinking that some of the decisions were on the harsh side – mind you it was 1989 and I was a soft southerner then! Whereas now I’m a kilt wearing, whiskey drinking soft southerner. A bit of a Ronny Corbett digression there; anyway back to the match. I was 9-5 up and the Grinch was on the charge as he pulled back two match balls to make it 10-9. At this point I edged forward in the f/h box to receive serve (as he’d been serving very well) – this was really just to put him off a bit, but as the ball came towards me I was just far enough up the court to have a go at it, but the only shot on was a short cross-court. I was both committed to the shot and worried about it at the same time so I gave it a thwack and what do you know it went into the nic and I won the game 3-1 (and the team got the match bonus points!). Classic – that shot is definitely the future! (Along with Greggs macaroni pies).

Last up was Kev (Moran) against Steven Halliday at No.1 and Kev was playing slightly differently in the 1st game. He seemed to be trying to just move Steven round the court and manoeuvre him out of position. This was going OK in the main and if Kev didn’t get the shot quite right he was so quick to cover that Steven had to win every rally 3 times to get the point. However Steven went 8-6 up (must have hit 24 winnrs!) I was wondering how Kev was going to come back against someone with Steve’s racket skills, but comeback he did and showed great poise in doing it to win 11-9. The 2nd game saw Kev start to generate much more pace on the ball and this made a massive difference to the plan. He was in control of much of the 2nd game and making Steven wonder again what he had to do to play a winner as Kev took it 11-6; the 3rd was not much different as Kev took a 9-2 lead and won the match 11-5. Beating Steve Halliday 3-0 is no mean feat and although Kev didn’t think it went to plan I thought it was a good performance.

A Chinese and a Deuchars with the guys after and tales of an “interesting” nights squash for the other Western 1st Division team!?!?!?!

QOTN (Quote of the Match) – The Grinch (aka Dunsey) to Dougie K “There’s some strange decisions coming down from you marker, don’t get me wrong I’m not going to be waiting outside later, but never-the-less???”

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