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DLR v SSRC (Match Report) 23rd November 2011

When I looked at the table earlier I thought that SSRC at home would be one of the easier matches. WRONG!

I was on first at No.3 and having just spent £350 on a new clutch I wasn’t in the best of moods, and when Dave Ward was hitting the ball then running to the other side of the court to volley away my cross-court (am I that predictable? Really??) I was getting even more irate. Fortunately our resident squash guru Ray was there to put …………………….

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(Continued)  ….me right and soon enough I was playing straight and covering my drops to win the 2nd game. In the 3rd I got myself in better positions to volley short and although Dave kept the pressure up I was able to convince myself for the first time that I was in control. Dave seemed to lose a bit of belief at this point and so I just kept turning the screw and eventually won 3-1 (6-11  11-9  11-4  11-6).

I marked Kev (Moran’s) 1st string match after mine and he dominated the 1st game 11-3 against Chris Holt. Chris seemed to think that if he took a handicap of +3 points for every decade older he was compared to his opponent then he’d really even things up; until I pointed out that he’d start on +21 against Kev which was a bit unfair! (He’d also start on +9 against me as well!!). Chris got into the 2nd game much better and got 6 points in this one with some great retrieving and a bit of help from the marker:

Chris – “Let please?”

Me – “Oh go on then, why not.”

Kev – “Why’s that a let?”

Me – “Because Chris is a nice bloke and I like him.”

Kev – “So nothing to do with the rules then?”

Me – “Absolutely nothing.”

Kev –  “OK then.”

The 3rd saw Kev play one rally like this: Kev serve – return backhand boast – feign drive then f/h drop – f/h cross-court clunk – full length lunge to play a b/h cross-court lob(!) – straight f/h drive – up from lunge to f/h cross court volley (!!) – b/h drop – ghost drive>ghost drop>b/h cross court drive (!!!) – Chris looking confused. By my calculations Kev had 8 swings of the ball to Chris’s 4 – classic! Kev won the 3rd 11-4.

Jason (Lang) was on at No.5 at the same time as Kev and me, so I missed a lot of his match against David McCormick. He’d won the 1st game 11-2 and lost the 2nd 8-11. I did see the 3rd and he seemed in control of much of it to win it 11-7. I thought that if he kept the pressure on at this point and tightened up on the length he would win the 4th, but Dave must have really dug in as he won it 11-5, and so to the 5th and to win the match for the team! No pressure!! Both players were working hard and the rallies were long. Jason got an excellent  5-2 lead and then the rest of the game was spent trading points 1 to Jase & 1 to Dave, so the match ended up 11-8 to Jase and a 3-2 win.

Dougie (Kempsell) was on at No.2 against Brian Robertson and won the 1st game easily 11-2 and from then on it looked like he was trying too hard to be correct. Don’t get me wrong he was in some great technical positions but it was all a bit too obvious and Brian was getting into the games. The 2nd game saw Dougie 4-9 down and he thought this was the time to go back to his ‘A’ game, which he did and won the next 7 points to win 11-9. Then again in the 3rd he was always behind, but again at 9-10 down he reverted to his normal style and sneaked home 12-10

So Sean (Norris) was on last and up against Paul Ferguson and this turned out to be a real tussle at No.4. Sean won the 1st (11-9) and Paul the 2nd (6-11). Paul was catching Sean with his backhand boasting (which looked like a drive) and his forehand cross-court which he played very late, but Sean was beginning to get used to watching for these shots more closely as he won the 3rd 11-6. The 4th was a hard physical battle at the start of the game and Sean lost it! Paul went on to win this game easily 5-11 so we were again down to the wire. The growing crowd were at least one deep for the last game! And Paul took all 6 of the first 6 points; surely there was no coming back from that! WRONG! Suddenly Sean sprung into life and started clawing back the lead point by point. At 8-8 the crowd had swelled to one deep and were in good voice and it was Sean who brought home the game 11-8 and the match 3-2. Great match and a great effort from Sean – if he could hit the ball to a length he’d be dangerous!

MOTM for me was Jason (Lang) another great step up to the 1st Division and a never say die attitude.

Meal of the match was Dougie for his Jacket potato with a filling of chips (East coast meets West)

Quote of the night (QOTN) from Sean when referring to all the Jason’s in the team – We’ll call Jason Lang “Little Jase” and we’ll call you “Fat Jase”………….how rude!

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