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DLR v Hamilton (Match report) 9th November 2011

So it was a much strengthened Hamilton that we lined up against this week and we were without our regular No.5

The match had started early and when I got there Sean (Norris) was up 2-0 v Colin McMullan at No.4 and Brian (Cadenhead) was doing battle with Colin McGeady at No.5 and was 2-0 down.

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Sean was in the middle of real tough one against a very good player in Colin winning the first two games 11-9 13-11, but Colin must have stepped it up a lot in the 3rd as he went through Sean like a hot knife through a jacket potato 1-11. The 4th saw a great come back from Sean and he was up 8-6, but once again Colin was just able to change-up a gear at this point and took the next 5 points and the game 11-8. It would have been a fantastic effort for Sean to beat someone of Colin’s standard, but itwasn’t to be as in a hard-fought 5th game, experience took Colin across the line 11-6 and a 3-2 win to get MOTM.

Meanwhile Brian C had just handed Colin a doughnut in the 3rd game as he swept through him like a hot knife through water 11-0, but Colin was back on form for the 4th game and was always in control to take it 11-6 and win the tie 3-1. So we needed 3 wins for the bonus points!

Dougie (Kempsell) went on next at No.2 v Kenny Boyle and the first was a bit of a close one, all square at 8-8, but Kenny just got his nose in front at the crucial time to take the 1st 11-8. This must have shaken Dougie up a bit as he came out firing and really put Kenny on the back foot with his speed and determination (which is saying something when you take into account that Kenny is no slouch!). The next two games were tough, but never in doubt as Dougie won both 11-6 11-4 and in the 4th Dougie was like a hot knife through a whippet as he won 11-3.

Kev (Moran) v Andrew McBean was never going to be a popular one to mark, but Colin McG took the mantel and was soon in the thick of a 12-14 win in the 1st game to Andy (despite Kevin thinking he’d won it with a flat nic when the score was 12-11). Kev was suffering a bit from not much sleep, but refused to let the team down (even though the thought crossed his mind earlier on!). Well you wouldn’t know too much was wrong in the 2nd as Kev evened things up 11-6. Then in the 3rd  he had to really dig-in at 9-5 down to make a fantastically unlikely comeback to win 13-11. The 4th was much more straight forward as Kev won 11-3 like a hot knife through a Bean-burger to take the match 3-1.

Oooooh the match was still live and all down to the last tie. Well that hasn’t happened in a while so I was delighted to win the 1st game 11-4 (I couldn’t believe some of the drops I was hitting – not sure where they came from). However in the 2nd game they eluded me as Colin (Towers) played much better and really made me work. It seemed like I had to win every rally 2 or 3 times, but was still in it at 7-7. Colin then stepped things up and went through the last few points like a hot knife through lard to win it 7-11. The third game was going to be crucial; could I keep Colin off the ‘T’ and volley better? The answer was ‘yes’ and I took a tough game 11-9. The 4th proved to be a little easier for me as I got a match winning 6-0 lead – from then on I only had to hang on and close things out, which I managed to do 11-6.

So a good win for the team and when we discussed MOTM Sean suggested it should be him to which Brian replied “You can be MOTM for Hamilton!”. Difficult one though and if you look at who did more than you would expect then Sean was in with a shout for the honour.

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