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DLR v Strathgryffe (Match Report) 2nd November 2011

Last week’s home match had me thinking that an away trip to top of the table Strathgryffe could be a tough one, and as I arrived at Strathgryffe I was still wondering the same thing. In fact I was wondering this right up until I realised that none of my team mates were there and I’d gone to the wrong place! So 15 mins later I was at David Lloyd wondering if home advantage could be telling in tonight’s match?!?!

Sean arranged an early start this week and was on (and off again) against Lee Fraser before I’d even arrived.  Sean’s in danger of being the most improved player of the season at this rate, (please don’t tell him I said that!) as he racked up another impressive win against a very good player in Lee. He did have some help from our resident 1st team tactician (Ray) who told him to keep Lee off the ‘T’ and apparently this worked a treat as he won 3-1. All the games were tight at 11-9  8-11 11-9  11-7 but in the ones Sean won he built a good lead (9-4  8-4 & 9-6) and then held his nerve.

Dougie went on next at No.2 against Chris ‘the Pirate’ Patrick. Dougie won 3-0, but all 3 games were even up to 4-4 and then Dougie got a good run of points to take all three games away from Chris to win 11-8  11-8  11-4. Chris looked like he’d walked the plank as he came off the court drenched and Dougie didn’t have feather out of place.

Kev (Moran) was on at the same time at No.1 against Martin (Woods) and it looked like things were a bit too jovial at the start, which I thought may play into Martin’s hands. I was right as Martin took a 7-3 lead in the 1st game, but then I was wrong as Kev seemed to be able to win the points just when he needed to, to go into a 10-9 lead (then give one away to make it 10-10). He obviously had it all under (relative) control though, to win the 1st 12-10. I went on court next, so missed a lot of the rest, but the outcome was 3-0 and the last two were 11-6  11-9 so a good win for Kev who’s never beatenMartin 3-0 in a West League match (to my knowledge).

I was on against James Dare and with a previous hum-dinger I’d had against him on these courts, I was hoping for a good performance tonight.  Ray (our tactician) was also looking for a performance from me after last week’s head shaking one. It all went very well and I think I frustrated James a bit as he wasn’t his usual self. I was giving it 100% (!) concentration all the way through the match; it ended up a comfortable win to me, in old money it would have been 9-1  9-2  9-0!

Last up was Michael (Currie) against Gary McIlree at No.5. Michael started brightly enough going 6-2 up, but then Garry got the next nine points in a row to turn the tide and win 11-6. The 2nd game saw the opposite happen with a 5-2 lead for Gary turned round to a 9-11 win for Mic. Then Gary put together another nine point run, but in a game of two halves Michael came back to 7-9, before Gary held on to win 11-8. At this point I told Sean to go and have a word with Mic about tactics, so he went over and said to Mic “They’re little white sweets that make your breath minty.” I rolled my eyes and said “That’s Tic-Tacs ya numpty!” Any way it was no wonder Mic lost after that! Garry controlled the last game to win it 11-6 and the match 3-1.

So a 16-4 win for the team and some good chat after about all things squash! I wonder where the match is next week – bound to be away this time!

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