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DL Renfrew Match Report v Glasgow Uni

Interesting one tonight against Glasgow University (away). The Uni team have lost the services of a few good players, but then again they’ve promoted some good players as well.

First up at No.4 was self proclaimed MOTM* Sean (Norris) who played Mhairi Charlton and when I arrived it appeared that he was having a tough time of it. Sean had won the first two by getting to 7-7 and then powering on………..

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To see David Lloyd West End match reports click here  (Cont’d) …… from there to win both games, however in the 3rd Mhairi had other ideas. She stayed with Sean at the crucial times and then at 9-7 she wouldn’t surrender this momentum and took the game 8-11. Sean had his fishing racket out for most of the 3rd and 4th games, but the marker (Ollie) was having none of it as he let Sean down gently time after time. The 4th game went much the same way as the previous one with the scores being tied at 7-7 and Mhairi not wanting to give an inch. She was testing Sean right from every serve and he had to really dig and concentrate to get to 10-8 game ball up. At this point Sean played the best I’d seen during the match and it was just in time. He was on the end of a long rally, but managed to turn defeat into victory and won the last points to claim the match 3-1. However MOTM* to Mhairi for me for some great squash from the serve, to the length, to the shots, she’s the real deal.

I went on next against Blair Paton, remembering that the Uni courts were idiosyncratic from my last encounter at the Morrison Building. The ball pings off the front wall when you hit it hard and low and this appears to get the best results. I say appears, but if I’d persevered with this strategy I would have undoubtedly got chopped. Blair is a great exponent of thrashing the ball hard and low, especially cross-court from his forehand (on the left) to mine and so I had to change, and fast. So I started to throw the ball up higher and look for a length this way. Well this worked a treat and (with cut on the serve) Blair was finding it difficult to cope with this. The rest of the 1st game and the 2nd game went by with me in the lead. Then Blair caught on! This made the 3rd a great battle; Blair was always in the lead, right up to 10-9. I was lucky at this point and managed to sneak the next two points to get ‘game ball’ and after another last ditch effort from Blair I eventually scrapped home 13-11.

Kev (Moran) was on the other court at the same time against Liam Dickson at No.1 and he seemed to be really enjoying the idiosyncratic courts. I missed a lot of his game, but the pace Kev could generate off the front walls was appealing to his pressure game. Mix his tricky short game in and it wasn’t long before he was 2-0 up. I had to ref Dougie’s match at this point, but soon I saw Kev again and he’d won the 3rd as well. A real tough one for Liam and I can’t see him losing too much sleep because of a loss to someone of Kev’s standard.

Dougie (Kempsell) was on at the same time against David Lyons at No.2 and he was his usual clinical self. I love watching Dougie’s games as he puts in solid performance after solid performance and this was no exception as he was soon into his stride, winning the 1st game 11-5. The 2nd was identical (apart from David graciously playing a ‘let’ on a ball that was probably out) and apart from a couple of fabulous flat nics from Dave, which broke things up a bit, the result was inevitable and inevitably Dougie won 3-0.

Last on was Michael (Currie) against Ollie Blackmore at No.5. I joined this match at the end of the 2nd with Michael 1-0 up and 9-7 in the 2nd game. Mic seemed to be holding Ollie at arm’s length despite it being so close in points and sure enough he took the 2nd game 11-9. The 3rd saw a good fight back from Ollie and he was applying the pressure at 8-8 and 10-10. As usual Mic seems unable to resist any opportunity to play the shot through his legs. This week we had a boast, a drop and then he hit his own leg on the third attempt (funny!) and after the fourth time of doing it Ollie responded by shaking an imaginary can of Coke** towards Mic! Not sure why he wanted Mic to get him a Coke**??? The game progressed to 11-11 and at this point Mic played a couple of great holding shots; making Ollie come forward and then putting the ball to the back. This did the trick and Michael took the match 13-11.

I’d been coaching at another club earlier in the day and had left all my clothes at that club, so when I’d showered I discovered that I had nothing to change into (much to everyone’s amusement, especially Sean and Michael). So I borrowed a t-shirt of Michael (worryingly it fitted!) and then I had to go all the way back to Whitecraigs to get my gear (donkey!). Ho-hum! I met up with the teams in Ashton Lane for a pint in the Grosvenor Cafe (used to be the ‘Loft’) and some good banter with the Uni teams. Mic and I also visited the Ashoka on the way out of The Lane – no wonder we’re such athletes!!

Another good Wednesday squash night oot!

*Not sure who our MOTM was, but it definitely wasn’t Sean!

**other brands of soft drink are also available

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