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Match Report 8th December 2021 v Strathgryffe (home) – West Squash Division 1

Last match of the first half and Strathgryffe came calling.

I got the early start this week and the flashing squash racket of Ross ‘Red’ Lorry awaited me. It was all out attack from point one and I had to implement “anti-serve return status” immediately, after Ross dispatched the first few into the nic! This was destined to be a quick match, with short rallies and so it proved – I think I was fortunate that Ross went for so much, as he also made a few mistakes and I managed to keep the lead in the individual games to win 3-0

Next on at No. 1 was Chris (Murphy) v Dave ‘Laminator’ McCormick – at first sight this looked a bit of a mismatch, but Chris was slow to get going and Dave played really well, so a tight 11-8 to Chris was followed by an even tighter 10-12 to Dave. However, after that Chris moved up a gear (from 1st to 2nd! 😊 ) and finished the match off 3-1. Really good point for Dave though.

Ollie (Millen) pulled rank on Hamish and stole the court next, to play Craig Wright at No.5. This was another good match up and although Ollie won the first 2 games they were both close. Craig got the vital lead in the 3rd with some great determined play and good volleying and snuck home, but Ollie took control of the 4th to bring home the match 3-1 on fitness! (no really!)

Hamish (Buchannan) finally got the court to play Scott Adams at No.4 next and at 23-23 in the 1st, he didn’t want to let it go! What a 1st game this was! Both players were feral in their desire to hammer the ball and win the game, but Scott just held on to win 25-23. Hamish changed his game to be in control to win the 2nd and Scott did much the same in the 3rd. Unfortunately for us it looked like Hamish didn’t believe he could win the last one and so lost 3-1. Entertaining match to watch however & M.O.T.M. to Scott!

Last up was Cammy (Colquhoun) v James Dare at No.3. Cammy looked in charge of this match and James looked a bit tentative going forward. However, when James was on the ball, he had Cammy doing quite a few court sprints (but then Cammy loves doing court sprints, so he was happy to chase and chase!!). In the end a reasonably convincing win for Cammy 3-0, but I could see a that he was disappointed that the match didn’t go on for an hour!

So up to the bar to find the rest of the team (doing not very much) and after a coldish shower we had chili & rice for dinner with a large triangular crisp thing which was excellent. So a 16-5 win and around a mid-table finish to the 1st half.

Happy Christmas and Hogmanay when it comes and looking forward to seeing the 2nd half (and the other half!).

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