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Our Friend Malcolm (Malky) Robertson – West Squash Legend has sadly passed away


Malky (right) and me

Malky Robertson was one of the first players I met when I moved to Glasgow in 1988 – appropriately in the Whitecraigs LT&SC back bar. By the time we’d met he had already won 4 Whitecraigs LT&SC Club Championships and 2 Newlands L.T.C. Club Championships. He was a legend!

Malky was a lefty with a warrior mentality on court and a great sense of fun off court. If you ever thought you were just going to turn up and get an easy game against him, you would soon find out just how wrong you were, as you lost in the 5th! Again!

Many players made the mistake of thinking, after the 1st game, that Malky’s red face an heavy breathing meant that he wouldn’t last the pace – but they soon found out that he was still going strong to the end of the 5th game.

I’ve often said over the years there was no one I’d rather have in my team than Malky. He would, more often than not, win in 5 epic games – and if he didn’t, he would give more physically that you could expect from anyone. If Malky couldn’t win a match you knew he had ‘left everything on the court’.

I played in West League Teams with Malky, National League teams with him and went on many a squash night out with him (and the rest of the Whitecraigs LT&SC lads) and Malky was always at the center of everything.

Every one at the club has their favorite “Malky story”, but mine is that he won the Whitecraigs LT&CS Club Championships and the Newlands L.T.C. Club Championships on the same day! And I like to think he won both in 5!


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Malky front and centre


  1. Andrew McSherry
    March 23, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    That’s a really fitting tribute Jason. Well said.

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