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Optical Express DLWE v Strathgryffe – Away Match Report 1st March 2017

013Strathgryffe 2 tonight away and with all their upcoming juniors Strathgryffe “are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”

We got an early start this week and when I arrived at 6.50pm the No.1s were on. Jason Lang had just finished his 1st game v Calum Carswell, which he won 11-9, so Calum obviously started really well, but Jase went onto dominate this one and won 3-0. I didn’t see much of it as I began marking Doug Macmillan v Neil Richardson at No.4. Again Doug was well in charge of this one, although whenever Neil got it on the left hand side (his forehand) he was causing all sorts of problems, but a good 3-0 win for the big Doug and he didn’t even rip his shorts this week! (must be on a diet! 😉 )

I was called on court whilst marking Doug’s 2nd game so I didn’t see the end of that either, but when I told my opponent (15 year old Ruadhri McDougal) who had been knocking up for a good few minutes, that we were playing he said “I haven’t done my warm up yet I’ll be back soon” – to which I replied “I haven’t done mine either that’s why I’m here!” must be a generation thing?!?!

Well, you know this could potential banana skin when the coaches & sponsors start watching the young prodigy, so I was happy to get off to a good start 11-6. But after a few sage words from his coach (Martin Woods) Ruadhri came back a different player and only a few of his mistakes at the business end of the game saved me – 2nd game 11-9. The 3rd was much more convincing for me, as I slowed things down and played ‘old man’ squash against the youngster! So a good 3-0 win for me and it will probably be the last time I ever beat him!

The other match was Strathgryffe 1 v SSRC, but due to late arrivals Finlay McGhee had snuck onto the other court and was playing Gary McIlree at No.3. This was a good one to watch with Fin putting in a good shift as ever, but Gary had taken the 1st game 11-9. However Fin came storming back to win the next two. The 3rd was 12-10 and both men had game balls, but eventually Fin eked the last couple of points to take it 3-1 (MOTM to Fin I’d say & Gary for them).

So last on at about 8pm (!) was Paul Treon v Steve Archibald (who was looking good since playing in the ’82 World Cup!). Steve made things difficult, but Paul won this 3-0 and although there were long rallies Paul ended up on the right side of most of them.

With all the early matches, we were in the bar for 9pm and I’m beginning to wonder if pizza is sponsoring the West Squash Leagues? It seems to be a Wednesday staple these days! And despite telling myself not to eat as much as I can, I always do! Especially when there was 50 slices between 7 of us!

So a good 18-1 win for the team (and without Craig at no.1!) which is just as well as we’ve got Giffnock 1 and Newlands 1 coming up, so not many points in the last games I reckon!




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