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Optical Express DLWE v Whitecraigs Rugby Club – Away Match Report 15th February 2017


Doug v Nairn (Craig in the chair)

Tricky away fixture to the south side as we visited Whitecraigs Rugby club (although it’s more of a home fixture for me!).

Doug (Macmillan) v Nairn McMaster were first up at No.5 and knowing how difficult a player Nairn can be I feared the worst. But Doug is getting back to some serious form and was playing the game that suited him most. Nairn was doing his best to upset this, but by the 5th game you couldn’t get a Rizla between them. At 8-5 down Doug was almost out of it, but he went on a great run to take the game 11-8 and the match 3-2 (M.O.T.M. very probably)

With 2 courts Finlay (McGhee) was on at the same time at No.4 v Harry Anderson. This went a similar way to the No.5 match with the ebb and flow taking it to a deciding 5th end. The game was excellent to watch with Flash Harry playing all sorts of shots I’d never seen before and Fin digging everything back (unless it was a nic – which it often was!). Anyway Fin was also down in the last 7-4, but he too went on a match winning run to clinch it 11-7 (and win 3-2). M.O.T.M. – well with the effort he put in, it was very close between him and Doug.

Craig (Valente-Wallace) and I went on next  against Andy MacBean and Allan McKay respectively. Craig was 1-0 up when I went on court, and he was moving the ball well – with some lung busting rallies, but 3 markers later he came off having lost 3-1. Tough one and Andy must have dug in well.

My game was much the same, in that I lost 3-1. Allan was just too good on these Banbury courts – he really whipped the ball hard and low on the forehand. I tried to neutralise his game by playing on the left and slowing it up. However at 1-1 and 9-6 down it was slipping away from me! Mind you a couple of minutes later at 10-9 up (in the same game) I needed to get a lucky one. Unfortunately I just couldn’t eek out another point, lucky or otherwise!

In the 4th I think I played the worst serve I’ve played in about 40 years, to give Allan match ball, but he was well in control by then and I lost 3-1

So 2-2 and last on was Jason (Lang) v Ewan Hearns. Ewan was looking a bit the worse for wear and although the result was never really in doubt Ewan fought well and pushed Jase in the 1st and 3rd games. However a good 3-0 win from Jase and (not for the first time) gaining the team the 3 bonus points.

So a very close 14-10 win (3-2) to DLWE and we retired early for chilly and veggie pasta. Great scran and we watched Bayern give Arsenal the squash equivalent of a 11-1 hammering! (whilst discussing Trainspotting 2 – which I romantically took my better half to see for Valentines!)

Jason B

PS from Doug – Hi all, just a quick add on to Jason’s very literate and detailed match report. Small detail he managed to forget somehow, even though it’s still engraved into my head sadly! In the 4th game at 8-10 match ball down, Jason did something I’ve not seen in quite some time and proceeded to not only put his serve not just down below the line but completely into the tin-but that’s not it, the ball also managed to hit the floor before hitting the tin. High skill shot, therefore Jason C.O.T.M. (from Douglas  Macm)

PPS – It’s a good point Doug –although I did mention it……………… in passing! (with a fair amount of gloss over it!) – But it does remind me of something else I forgot, that happened in your match. You know that really baggy pair of shorts you used to wear (that look almost skin tight these days) where are they now? In the bin I hope after ripping them whilst playing last night!! Were they a bit tight!?!?!   😉   Jase


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