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Optical Express DLWE v Hamilton – Away Match Report 25th January 2016

westsquashsitelogo1With 2 players missing (Doug was away & I was down south on business) it was looking like a tough away fixture to Hamilton and that was before another pull out at 11am on the day.

So I texted Colin (Clark) and said we’d need to borrow Joe McD from the 2nd team to which he replied “unacceptable, get your ass back up here!”

It was at that time that I thought “I wonder if I could make it home to play at No.2 and give the team a chance………………… and the 2nd team (and the 3rds!)”. Not that I thought I’d have a chance of winning after a 400 mile drive, but at least the others wouldn’t have to play a position higher – it may make the difference?

So 7.5 hours of non-stop driving later (bloody M6 is exasperating!) I arrived just after 8pm! I’d asked every man and his dog to help me get kit there (shoes especially) but to no avail so it took a falling out with the wife to get my full kit bag over to Hamilton (so thanks to Dawn, who made the difference and is surely the non-playing M.O.T.M. – or should that be W.O.T.M.?).

Craig had played 1st and although was 0-2 down against Kenny Boyle at No.1, he ended up coming back to win the 5th and securing a crucial 3 points. When I arrived Paul (Treon) was also involved in a 5 setter, but unfortunately he went down to a much improved Scott Hay.

I got thumped 3-0 (in a ‘take one for the team’ performance) against Calum Phillips and Colin (Clark) had a great 3-0 win against Peter Shivas at No.5.

So it was all on Finlay (McGhee) against a much improved Chris McGeady. However, it’s also a much improved Finlay as well and with 2 tie breaks he brought the match home 15-13 in the 3rd!

M.O.T.M.? Craig for a wonderful come-back? Fin or Col for great matches. Nope! With a


M.O.T.M. & W.O.T.M. !!

night or two to think about it I’ve come to the conclusion that I was M.O.T.M. for getting thumped 3-0!! And I would also like to be considered for M.O.T.M. of the 2nd team as well! (I’ve now got a thigh strain and a cold! But I’m sure it will be worth it in retrospect!)

Great curry from the Hamilton lads and Calum even remembered I was a veggie so I got a great meal as well!

And a 3-2 win (14 points to 8)


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