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Optical Express DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Home Match Report) 2nd November 2016


Who said Doug is headless!

Quick report this week as I’ve been dragging my heals writing this one. We played Giffnock 2 the ‘Young Guns’ this week and it was all going so well…..

First on was Craig (Valente-Wallace) against Stuart Pitt (the younger!) at No.1. The lads got this one on very early and I only arrived as the final game was being played, so I can’t really comment on the match, but Stuart won the tie 3-1. He was buzzing around the court retrieving everything in sight when I was watching, so I imagine this was the theme of the night and he must have frustrated Craig with his movement.

Next on at No.4 was Doug (Macmillan) against Mark Coyle. This was an even match up with Doug winning the 1st and Mark the 2nd , but Doug managed to take the opportunities with some good physical work in the next 2 and brought home the match 3-1. Another good performance from Doug this week and I’m looking forward to him challenging me so I can play lower down the teams!

I was on next against Chris Murphy and this was another tough one against another youngster. Chris played a very mature game and was able to get all my shots back. The advice was to hit a better length, but the problem was actually doing this as Chris kept me at arm’s length. I won the 2nd, but didn’t really feel like I deserved it. All the games were close and I reckon, that had I not been given a dubious ‘stroke’ against me on match ball, I’m sure it would have gone to a 5th (….well maybe not! OK probably not! Fine – it wasn’t that dubious!?!). A good 3-1 win for Chris.

Next on was Finlay (McGhee) against Daniel O’Sullivan at No.5  – Fin only dropped 3 points in the entire first 4 games! However he still he found himself in a 5th game decider! Both players were blowing hard at this point, but Daniel must have tired more, as the last was an 11-6 win to Fin, but a great match from both and they would have slept well that night! MOTM to Fin for me and I’m looking forward to Fin challenging me so I can play lower down the teams!

So with the match finely poised at 2-2, last on were the No.2s – Jason (Lang) v Matthew Stout. Jason was the pure squash player and Matthew was the squash/tennis player so this was going to be interesting. There was nothing in the first 2 games 11-13 and 11-9 and the difference in styles was very noticeable. Matthew thrived on any cross-courts and Jase needed to play a little straighter, but unfortunately Jason lost the 3rd 8-11 and now the momentum was with Matthew. He converted the 4th as well to win 3-1 and give Giffers the match 3-2. Great game though and Matthew admitted that he couldn’t have played any better (MOTM to Matt).

Pizza for dinner – including 1 veggie one which I dared anyone else to touch! Yum!

Great match though and 9 more points to the total!


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