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DLWE v Newlands – Away (Racketball Match Report) 20th April 2016


So the first ever West League racketball match started last night and we were playing Newlands away – and we all turned up discussing what the rules were and if it was up to 11 or 15. Alan Susskind said 11 so we began.

First on was Dangerous Dave Ritchie against the aforementioned Alan Susskind. This was a good game, but Alan was always in control and David spent more time lambasting himself and hitting his leg with the racket than winning points! Having said that Alan has been playing racketball for ages and is a very steady player, so no real surprise that he beat David 3-0. Having said that the 1st game was 11-8 to Alan until we realised that we were supposed to play to 15, so a curious score line of 11-8 15-13 15-8!!

Next on was Michael Jackson against Kenny McBrearty. Michael hasn’t played that much and doesn’t even own a racket yet! So it was somewhat surprising that he went 2-0 up! (must’ve been the Harrow racket I lent him!). However with every rally Kenny was getting into his stride and he began to reel Michael in. 2-0 became 2-2 and eventually Kenny gained more control of the ‘T’ and brought the match home 3-2. But an excellent two points from Michael.

While this was going on David Craig was playing at No.2 against Gavin Mack. Dave steamed into a great lead in the 1st game and Michael was 2-0 up on the other court at the same time so I dared to dream that we had a chance! However Gavin was a ‘no mistake’ player and Dave (who also does not own a racket yet!) just gave away a little too much. None the less all the games were tight and there was even a tie breaker in the 2nd, but Gavin eventually won 3-0.

I went on last against Ian (the octopus) Donnellan. I played well and didn’t let Ian in the 1st game, however I did let him in the 2nd and at 15-15 it was anyones! Fortunately my mantra of “hit straighter, get to the ‘T’ & volley more” saved the day – not that I did any of those things, I just hit a winner off the frame whilst thinking about them! The 3rd game was easier for me as you can see from the video (I’m not showing any of the points Ian won!) and I won the match 3-0.

A stack of (semi burned) pizza for dinner went down a treat with the lads and we hardly mentioned Michael losing to a girl in the dim and distant past of the squash season!


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    April 23, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    I think the SSRC team is relegation fodder…

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