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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Giffnock 1 – Home (Match Report) 9th March 2016

West League Table March 2016

Giffnock 1 this week and apparently they only needed 6 points to win the 2015/16 Division 1 title!

They were obviously a bit worried as they had the full squad out this week! And no surprise as we were well in the lead at the start of the match and they were lucky to come back at us!?!?! No really!

Normal proceedings of, ‘Do you want to start early?’ Followed by 1st game on at 7.15pm and no one else there until 7.30pm applied. However eventually the No.5 pairing of Joe ‘well warmed up’ McDonald v Niall Morris were on the show court and:

  • Joe got off to a flyer winning the 1st game 11-9
  • Next on was Doug Macmillan who also stormed the 1st game at No.3 against James Singh!
  • And third on at No.2 was Jason (Lang) who had an epic 1st game win (13-11) against Stuart George!

So The Mighty Giffnock looked down and out – they were quaking in their collective boots – they could see the title slipping away from their grasp……right up until they won every other game! (I’m thinking of changing jobs and becoming a spin doctor! What do you think??)

Still Jason played well (Lang not me) as all his games were very tight. Owen Hadden actually gave me a run and a few points this time at No.4 – and at No.1 Giffnock’s Kevin Moran looked like he was playing some great squash against our own Craig (Vallente Wallace) with a master class in control.

However I always look on the bright side of squash and on the up side we got 2 more points than we did, against Newlands 1, last week and not only that but dinner was actually bordering on nice – as Jase and I went up for seconds!

Next week sees the last match of the season (boo!) and we travel to Newlands to play their 2nd team. We’re currently in 6th position and with a good performance we could hold onto that – which is a massive 5 place improvement for the team on last season.

Onward and upwards!


PS – Did anyone see the Western v Whitecraigs Rugby Club result? Strange one?!?!

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