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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Giffnock 2 – Home (Match Report) 11th November 2015

westsquashsitelogo1A HOME match tonight against Giffnock 2nd team. I was first at the HOME venue, because it was at HOME and not away at Giffnock. Craig went to Giffnock!

First on tonight at the same time was myself and Joe (McDonald) against Matthew Stout and Mark Coil respectively. I didn’t see Joe’s match but he told me that Mark was just too quick and too good and he lost 3-0.

Matthew, my opponent, was also too quick and too good, but that didn’t deter me. Even at 0-2 down I was still desperately thinking of how to get myself in to a winning position. Fortunately for me, it was probably more to do with Matthew taking the foot off the gas than me playing amazingly (although I was quite pleased with my shots and change of pace) and I did sneak the 3rd game. The 4th was also close but Matthew always kept the lead and in retrospect I think I was lucky to get one game (and I strained my Achilles again! Sport hurts!).

From the way things went tonight I felt like I lived every match, but in reality I only really saw one other game which was Jason (Lang) v Patrick O’Sullivan at No.2. These two had the longest warm up in the history of squash, but eventually graced the court with their presence. And it was worth the wait and this was a real cracker to watch. The games ebbed and flowed and just when I thought Patrick was on top Jason came back at him again and again. Inevitably this went to 5 and by this time both players had put a massive amount of work and were looking pretty tired. However this did not stop either of them from giving everything again in the last game. It was very close and (from memory) Jason had a chance to go 10-10, however he tinned one just at the wrong time and Patrick cleared up the crumbs to win 3-2. I’d give Patrick MOTM tonight for his performance (pleasure to ref as well – from both men).

Craig turned up at last (via Giffnock) and with a damaged right hand, so we were treated to a very ‘Un-Craig-like’ performance from him as he lobbed and dropped his way through the match. I missed most of the match as I was marking Jason’s epic, but I joined it in the 5th! It was great to see Craig playing all the shots in the book and use the height of the court against Stuart Pitt at No.1. And it was a right ding-dong between them as well – Craig had the better movement which kept him in it and time and again he fizzed an unplayable shot to keep him in the match. In the end this went all the way and either man could have won it, but it was Craig who held his nerve and won 3-2 (MOTM to Craig for playing with an injury and winning!).

Doug was also on at the same time and he was playing Mark. I saw young Mark warm up and wondered if he had too many

The Organisers (where's Iain I)

Definitely not MOTM contenders! But wait til the night out til we come into our own!!

shots for his own good, but the answer to that was no! I only saw the last game and was also watching Craig at the same time (we had all 3 courts by that time) but Doug wasn’t able to get the ball behind his opponent often enough to use his strength. Having said that Mark was excellent and will be a top player in the future (still it’s always painful to loose to an apprentice welder 1-3 – it’s the goggles!).

A real good squash match tonight, very enjoyable even though we lost 17-7 (and although I lost I’m taking credit for winning at No.4 in the 2nd team with the advice I gave to spons Michael Jackson!) 

Vapor RRP £95.00

Vapor RRP £95.00

JP Vibe £105.00

JP Vibe £105.00

Blade RRP £75.00

Blade RRP £75.00

Camo RRP £97.00

Camo RRP £97.00

Vortex Shoes RRP £69.00

Vortex Shoes RRP £69.00

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