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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Townend 1 – Home (Match Report) 21st October 2015

westsquashsitelogo1 Okay so the report is still late but at least it is earlier than last weeks! And with two weeks between the last match and this, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I sat on the couch last Wednesday and when the wife said “What’s on TV” I don’t think she appreciated the reply “Dust!”

Anyway Townend 1 came to this end of town last week (do you see what I did there!) and despite trying to get an early start none of the ties really matched up. First on at No.5 was Joe McDonald V Peter Shivas. Peter still looks ‘regal’ on court and it is great to see him still playing 1st division squash. He still has the ability to pull out a perfect length shot to the back of the court whenever he needs it, and ultimately this is why he won 3-0. He kept Joe to the back and even if the ball came back it was dispatched. Joe was disappointed with his performance and his racket got the full brunt of his frustration and almost my head; however I thought Peter dominated well and didn’t really let Joe get his foot in the door.

Next on court were the No.1s as Craig Valente Wallace took on Rory Stewart. I don’t think Craig really believed he could win this one, so he must have surprised himself because he played well. Every game was tight and the first two were tie-breakers (the 1st to Rory and the 2nd to Craig). I thought Craig was really in the match and a few more lucky breaks (and a little bit more belief) and who knows, as the 3rd and 4th games only had two points in each of them (9-11 9-11). Unfortunately Rory won them both and so took the match 3-1.

So we were 2-0 down and would need to win every other tie.
Doug took to the court next against Scotty (Shabana) Bradford! This match was hilarious as Scott is a real character on and off the court. Every time he did the splits I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Or Cry with laughter!! It was a great 1st game and Doug was fortunate at 11-11 to bring home the last two points. However after this he seems to have picked up as the next 2 games were reasonably comfortable. So the comeback was on with Doug’s 3-0 win at No.4

The No.2 pairing was on next as Jason Lang played Ross McHoul. I didn’t know how to call this one and thought it could go either way. And do you know what? It did! Unfortunately I didn’t see it, as I had to go on court myself.

I was playing at No.3 against Ross Allan. As I went on court the heat hit me which was very unlike our courts. I think this suited Ross as he proceeded to give me the run-around! We traded games, Ross winning the 1st and me the 2nd etc until we reached the 5th (I obviously won’t mention the game point in the 4th, when Ross declared my ball was a double bounce and walked off the court – slipping the referee a tenner as he went – with me looking mystified and waiting to serve! I definitely won’t mention that!).
Anyway by that time, the news was that Jason had won his match at No.2 – and so at 2-2 in matches and Ross and I at 2-2 it made the 5th a bit spicy!

Fortunately for me I got Ross on the end of a really long rally, early on in the 5th and after that I found the going much easier. 6-0 became 9-3 and I knew I was going to be tough to beat from there. So a fortunate 3-2 win for me and the match was secured (hold on did I win that match on fitness!).

Well what a team come back! And talking of come-backs it was ‘good’ to see the pasta-bake back on the menu for dinner (everyone seems to hate it except me).

Most of the players had disappeared by the time I made it to the table, maybe they didn’t fancy my chat! So it just left Doug, Jason and myself to decide on Saturday 12th December for the Christmas night out – Craig is banned after getting me too drunk last time!!

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Vapor RRP £95.00

Vapor RRP £95.00

Vortex Shoes RRP £69.00

Vortex Shoes RRP £69.00


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