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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Whitecraigs RFC – Home (Match Report) 30th September 2015

Well team squash is back for another season and I was getting the usual questions about how Doug can’t have been playing much if I was playing above him! Bloody cheek I say! I may not be in the best shape of my life (in fact it’s always amazed me how much ‘Exercise’ and ‘Extra Fries’ sound alike!) but the shots are getting better.

The teams looked great in the new ‘Kelvin Financial Planning’ bottle green t-shirts and many thanks to Michael Jackson for sponsoring the squads again this year (and I’m optimistic for all the teams this season as the depth at the club is growing).

We’ve strengthened our team squads this year and the 1st team now has the services of the DL Renfrew coach, Jason Lang. He’s making the trip North of the river to come and join the squad at No.2. Jason and I used to play together at Renfrew, when I coached there, and in retrospect what a team we were building with Kevin Moran, Dougie Kempsell, the two Jasons and Sean Norris (in fact Sean was the only weak link we had!!). I think that team playing now would have a good chance of winning the league, but we were all much younger then (except Sean and I who were much older!)

Anyway back to the match and it was just as well we had new Jase, as our opponents (Whitecraigs Rugby) had also strengthened at No.2 – and it was all down to the No.2s at the end of the night!

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Joe (McDonald) was ready to go on and leave early, but there was no sign of his opponent so first on was the aforementioned Doug (Macmillan) v Harry Anderson at No.3. I missed most of this match as I was on mascot sitting duties for the 2nd team and she didn’t want to watch Doug! Harry played well apparently and took the game to Doug and although the early stages were tight Harry eventually won 3-1.

Joe was still ready to go, but still no sign of his opponent so I went on next at No.3 against Dougie Emery. Dougie beat me the last time we played so this was going to be tough at best. But I got an amazing start and took the first; however this had happened before and he came back to go 2-1 up last time so I was like a coiled spring in the 2nd (well a coiled banana anyway) and that game came my way as well – must have been lucky. Be ready for the come-back in the 3rd. However I managed to dominate the last game as well and was very relieved/happy/surprised to finish it before Dougie really got going! So the match was all square (3-0 win to us).

Joe was ready to go on next, but as his opponent still wasn’t there the No.1s went on next. Craig (Valente-Wallace) took on Whitecraigs No.1 Andy McBean. Craig took a 1-0 lead with some good early pace. Unfortunately Andy gained control of the pace and momentum and Craig eventually lost 3-1

The Whitecraigs RFC No.5, Colin Hutton, arrived during the 1st match and he and Joe went on and I marked this one so I missed a lot of the No.1’s match. Colin took the 1st game as Joe was playing far too much on his forehand (the left). I pointed this out to Joe and he completely ignored me in the 2nd! This made things very tight indeed and only when Joe got the ball on the right was he making any progress at all (Michael Jackson was trying to force the point home by only applauding when Joe played on the right!). I explained again to Joe the tactic and this time he went back on court and won 11-0! Well I was delighted with that! So more of the same please Joe – and although it was tighter in the 4th Joe brought the match home 3-1.

So 2-2 in matches and the debutantes were on last at No.2 – Jason (Lang) for us and Ewan Hearns for the rugby club. Euan had beaten Jason at the weekend, so the signs were not looking good, however Jason played well tonight and although the pace was frenetic at times Jason was using the angles really well and volleying Ewan short at the right times winning the first game. And this turned out to be the theme of the match; Jason dominated the centre of the court and volleyed well keeping Euan guessing and brought him the next 2 games and a 3-0 win.

So a great start to the season with a 14-7 win. But with 2 veggies tonight I had to give up my dinner to the guests! Doah!). Still good chat with the Whitecraigs Rugby lads and I look forward to the return on those strange courts!

Vapor RRP £95.00

Vapor RRP £95.00

JP Spark

JP Spark

Fury RRP £95.00

Fury RRP £95.00

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