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Whitecraigs LT&SC Tournament Results – 22nd August 2015

Racketball Around Scotland Rankings 23 August 2015 RAS 2015 Whitecraigs LTSC - Championship results RAS 2015 Whitecraigs LTSC - Premier results


'The Fierce' 160g - Our Price £71.25 (RSP £95) The Fierce is part of the new line up of Torment racketball rackets. It is a slightly heavier version of the Flo, offering a high performance frame for players of all abilities. Whether you are a power player with an explosive swing speed or a control player looking for added finesse, the Fierce will be well worth a look.

‘The Fierce’ 160g – Our Price £71.25 (RSP £95)

‘The Turbo 170g – Our Price £60.00 (RSP £90) Aimed at the high end intermediate player, the Turbo provides the perfect blend of power and control for those looking to elevate their game. Featuring a tight stringing pattern for greater control, added head weight for more power through the swing and a longer handle for more leverage

‘The Turbo 170g – Our Price £60.00 (RSP £90)

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