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DLWE v Strathgryffe – Away (Match Report) 21st January 2015

westsquashsitelogo1Well here comes the Strathgryffe return – hold on we only got 4 points off of them in the 1st half – tough night ahead me thinks!

First on was David (Craig) and as ever he had Elvi, the mascot, in tow. I think this wee girl has seen more squash than her mother ever has – and that’s in her first 2 years! And she’s probably been on court more as well! Honestly you can’t keep her off in-between games and I’m usually the one doing the fetching as the opposition player wonders why a munchkin has got hold of his racket! This week’s bemused opponent was Ross Lawrie (Vogue fashion guru!) – but undaunted Ross strolled the 1st two games. However it was looking like our first team point was secured in the 3rd as Dave was game ball up, but Ross wrestled victory from the jaws of defeat to win 3-0

Next on was Colin (Clarke) against Scott (Dilbert) Adams. Now Scott has got a bit of a forehand on him (leftie). So don’t put it there Col! It was a bit of a ding dong, but Col was doing most of the donging at the crucial times, because although all of the games were really close (with 3 tie-breaks) Scott won this 3-1. Still a team point towards the good ship DLWE!

Next on was me against Jase Lang. Now talking of ding dongs, we’ve had a couple in our last encounters! Jase (L) is more than half my age, fitter and better at every shot on the court – except one! So the whole game is spent with me trying to only play one shot! I’m sure Jase is fed up playing me, but there you have it – I’m not here to lie down and so when I had match ball in the 4th game I thought this was a great opportunity! However Jase wrestled the match back with some great retrieving; and I couldn’t help but think that if he’s capable of doing that for a few points, then if he did it on every point I wouldn’t have got any games. He stepped it up in the 5th and I hit a few too many in the tin, but ‘you live by the sword and you die by the sword’, so ho-hum. I gave it my all and I know that because the next day I could feel the injuries! Loss 3-2

Doug (Macmillan) took to the court next against James Dare and it’s fair to say that James gave it his all tonight, just like I did – and tonight this was enough. James took a storming lead by winning the 1st two games – and with those in the bank, he was never going to be easy to beat. Doug got back to 2-2 with a great 13-11 win in the 4th, but in the 5th James had saved just enough. He won 7-11 to take the match 2-3.

Last up was Craig (Valentie Wallace) against Martin Woods at No.1. I went for a quick shower and was amazed to hear it was all over in the blink of an eye! Craig came into the changing room looking slightly bemused, as he’s won 3-0. The first was a tough one by all reports and Craig won it 11-8, but with an 11-1 in the 2nd it wasn’t all together surprising to hear that Martin retired in the 3rd. Still a win against your coach is a great thing and so Craig got to drive Martin home with tonight’s bragging rights!

So 8 points is double our tally last time so onward and upwards! Hopefully!

Soup, sandwiches & pizza – with a bottle of Kelburn – finished the night off a treat!

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