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DLWE v Giffnock 1 – Away (Match Report) 26th November 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Well I was up at 5am and coaching at 6am on Wednesday morning so was well warmed up by 6.30pm as I arrived at Giffnock awaiting David Craig – and daughter Elvi the team mascot (and not a group of Elvis’s as the pronunciation suggests). 12 hours before i did predict that the score would be 1-18 so that was the benchmark to bear in mind if you’re thinking we did very badly as actually I was quite pleased (all things considered!)

Elvi’s mascot magic was working well tonight as David lined up against the much improved James Singh. I though Dave may be in for  bit of a tonking, but not a bit of it and I think I can save a lot of time with the phrase that is quite traditional with reports on Davie C …. “and so to the 5th

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Yes that’s right 2 team points secured already (smashing the prediction) and Dave was playing a blinder. He was hitting well and chasing like a maniac at times. I didn’t see all of the match, but having said that Elvi is getting much better at concentrating on the squash, keeping quiet at the right times and vigorously applauding every rally with me – so I did see some large chunks of the game and Dave was excellent. However James dug well and along with his renowned fitness he had some great disguised shots. I particularly enjoyed the ‘taxi’ he handed out on one occasion from a back wall boast (feigned drop, then drive – crowd laughed heartily! Maybe you had to be there!?!).

Next on were the No.1s as Craig (Valentie-Wallace) took on Kev Moran – Commonwealth Game Finalist (in the ‘Classic’). Kev was going through his warm up routine while I was chatting to him about his next tournament in Sheffield (the ‘PSA Steel City Open’ – click here to see the draw & how Kev is doing – not to mention top seed Greg Lobban).

Anyway there was no major surprise to report Kev won 3-0. He plays a completely different game than when we played together for David Lloyd Renfrew. He’s looks strong and his basic game is very good. Craig was right in the rallies though and he used his power to great effect to get Kevin in the back corners, but there was only so long he could sustain the quality required to counter Kev’s game. Good contest though and Craig played well (BTW – that ball was definitely down Craig!).

Next on was Doug (MacMillan) against Owen (Haddaway) Hadden. Again no surprises here as Owen won 3-0, but Doug played well in clumps of points throughout the match. Owen was just too consistent though and as Doug tired Owen dominated more and more.

The No.5s went on next and for us Michael Jackson (cha’mone) against Matthew Stout. MJ is playing well these days, which must be down to his positive attitude of looking to “The Man in the Mirror” and ‘asking him to change his squash ways’!!!

Anyway a good start saw him right in the match, but Matt piped the 1st 11-8. The 2nd game was similar and MJ was teeing Matt up with cross courts too often ‘and no message could have been any clearer’ stop hitting those cross-courts….he-he! Unfortunately for us Matthew turned the screw and won the 2nd 11-7 before also running away with the 3rd as well – MJ was HIStory!!

I was last up (Jason Broadberry) against Stuart George. I must have got Stu on a bad day as he wasn’t feeling well – in fact afterwards he said he felt dizzy and couldn’t see the ball. I’m not sure what that says about my squash because he still stuffed me! Having said that I’m loving the my new Harrow stringing, as I was able to spin the ball all over the place and create a bit of havoc in the 2nd and 3rd games. In fact the match could have gone to 5, because I was up 9-5 in the 3rd, but ‘blind Stu’ did enough to run all my shots down and volley so high up the court that it was probably what made him dizzy in the first place! But I got a team point and so was content with that!

So the team exceeded my expectations and ended up 3-18. I’ll need to up my expectations as obviously anything can happen (when you have a magic mascot).

Alarm set for 5am tomorrow, but not before a bottle of Weihenstephan for dinner!

World Champ - Ramy

World Champ – Ramy


World Champ - Ramy

World Champ – Ramy 

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