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Squash Legend Hashim Khan Dies – aged 100

download (1)Hashim Khan, one of the greatest squash players of all time, died on Monday night.

He was believed to be 100-year-old. His youngest son, Mo, said in a phone interview that Khan died in his home with family by his side.

Khan was the one of the patriarch of squash, winning seven British Open titles from 1951 to 1958. linked-image-72f569179c2a11cf46063ff68a12c9c8

In 1951, at 37 years old, Hashim first went to the British Open (the biggest prize in squash). In the final he thrashed the previous 4-time defending champion (Mahmoud El Karim of Egypt) by 9-5, 9-0, 9-0, for his first title. His 7th was at age 44!

Hashim was the first Pakistani to win the top prize and he made sure this continued as he taught his brother, Azam, to play and he won 4 titles.

Then his cousin, Roshan Khan and nephew, Mohibullah Khan, each captured one.

Add his cousin’s son, Jahangir Khan, who won 10 straight titles through the 1980s, and the “Khan Dynasty” accounted for 23 British Open titles (Jansher Khan was not related, he just share the same name).

Khan had brought his family to the US in the early 1960s after being offered a lucrative deal to teach squash at the Uptown Athletic Club in Detroit.He had later taken a pro position at the Denver Athletic Club in the early ‘70s, with membership instantly soaring.

More than winning, Khan was known for sportsmanship — always allowing an opponent to leave the court first. He was all about respect.download (2)

Mo Khan said of his father’s death: “The world just lost the greatest player of all time “.


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