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DLWE v SSRC – Home (Match Report) 12th February 2014

Sean in his "Paul Hannah Solicitors" T-shirt

Sean in his “Paul Hannah Solicitors” T-shirt

Schools’ week is always a tough time to get 4 teams out and with so many away we only had 4 players in the 4th team. That is until I bumped into a player I’d not seen in a year and a half and asked him if he fancied a game at No.5 for the 4th team! Some of you might remember ex-junior internationalist (and Scotland Masters’ player) Kevin Mackay; well his old man (Angus) said he’d help us out, and as luck would have it he was just back on court today after a long injury. I think the fact that he was playing one of the Glasgow Uni girls helped!

SSRC tonight and we had a torrid time of it in the 1st half against them, as we got only 3 points – so 3 to beat!

First on was Sara (McDonald) at No.5 against Martin Sullivan. Tough one for Sara this week as everything she did Martin could match. Then when Sara left something short Martin crashed a good length to the back and Sara was struggling. She did counter with some good low cross-courts of her own and in the 2nd game especially she was in a good position but Martin wrestled this one back as well so a tough night for Sara. I got the traditional response when I said to her “Unlucky well played” when she came off court, which was “Pish!”

I went on next against Brian Robertson at No.2 and shortly after Doug (Macmillan) went on the other court against Rory Stewart (just passing through Glasgow on his way back to Crieff!).

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I was worried about playing Brian as he can be a very tricky opponent. He’s experienced and has a good engine on him. Fortunately for me the engine was a Vespa tonight as he was suffering from a cold so I managed to dominate proceedings. All the games were tough and I had to play well, but I managed to win all 3.

I didn’t see much of this 1st string match, as I was on court, but Dougie was up against it as Rory has recently beaten some good players, including Mark Ford in a 3-2 epic! Anyway Doug was 2-0 down and although the rallies were a good quality it didn’t look like both players were at it 100%. As I began to watch, Dougie wrestled the 3rd game back and we all thought it was a great result, but Dougie assures us it was a ‘sympathy game’. Mind you I played Rory in the first half and I wasn’t good enough to get a sympathy game! The match was soon 3-1 to Rory so Doug may have been right!

DLWE's Dave the Hat

DLWE’s Dave the Hat

Next on was Big Davie Craig (the cat in the hat – or more realistically the shady looking bloke who looks like he’s off to do a bit of B&E!). Dave was playing Dave Tolland at No.4. Both David’s had white tops, long dark shorts, blue shoes & black hair (although SSRC Dave had much longer locks). So it was “Dave the Hat” v “Dave the Hair”.

‘Dave the Hair’ won the first game by punishing all of ‘Dave the Hat’s’ short length or high drops. But D.T.Hat came storming back with a much better length, which he played at speed and with good pressure – and so took the 2nd game. Unfortunately our Dave couldn’t keep this going and their Dave took control of the match. He eventually took the last two games and it was all over, but with a bit more consistency our Dave (the hat) could really be in these sorts of games.

Sean turned up about this time and went on last at No.3 against Chris Holt. Chris dominated the 1st game, as he dictated the pace, but Sean managed to quicken things up in the 2nd and he won this one with a great comeback. He also made a great fist of it in the 3rd as he continued to mix up the pace and he had his chances to take this one. Unfortunately Chris won the crucial points and took a 2-1 lead. I missed the last one, but Chris took it easily and so won 3-1 with a good experienced performance overall.

After the game Sean said “You played well tonight Chris – you were too good for me” to which Chris replied “No I was rubbish tonight.” along with some other similar remarks about not playing much squash etc – you gotta be a good winner Chris.

Hot dogs for dinner was a great change and Rory sat through the whole meal with his duffel coat buttoned up to his chin looking a bit like Paddington!! (youngsters may have to Google that! Just type in Marmalade sandwiches!!!)

All that and our 4th team won 3-2 with Angus Mackay winning at No.5 – go on Big Man!


PSA N0.16 Laurens Jan Anjaman - New Harrow man

PSA N0.16 Laurens Jan Anjaman – New Harrow man

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