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DLWE v Glasgow Uni – Away (Match Report) 23rd October 2013

westsquashsitelogo1 Well this match against Glasgow University was always going to be a real 6 pointer! And it was away as well which means we had to play on those really strange courts. But what do you know the courts have been refurbished so all my excuses were out of the window!

I was on first this week against a fit looking bloke from Hong Kong called Alfa Au (where do teams pick up these guys from, out of nowhere?). He was wearing bright orange shoes and a luminous yellow top so I thought “If you’ve got the bottle to wear that you must be a decent player!” and as our number 5 said ‘He has the best knock up I’ve ever seen!’. But I know I can be quite a handful to play against if you’ve never seen my game before (don’t laugh that’s very rude!!).
I was able to move Alfa well, especially to the front and this gave me the advantage in the 1st game as all my drops were tight. So first blood to me but I felt far from confident as Alfa looked like a really dangerous player. The second was even tougher and I had to move much quicker has Alfa was reading my drops now. But hang on! He was now wearing red shoes!?! Maybe he had some traffic light system going on? I managed to sneak the second game, but needed to concentrate hard to do it.
I was now fully expecting Alfa to be wearing green shoes in the third game; maybe it was a distraction tactic! The third was another tough game and once again I really needed to focus. Alfa didn’t speak much English, but when he tinned an easy drop at 8-6 up he certainly knew that s**t was the correct thing to say! Fortunately I managed to shore things up just at the right moment to sneak back into the game and then win the match 3-0. I was delighted with this win as I think Alfa will be a real handful when he gets a bit fitter (especially if he works my game out! Stop laughing!!)

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Next on was our number 5 Jason (Grinton) against Oli Blackmore. A bit of a tough one to say the very least at number 5 and I wasn’t expecting too many points here. But what do you know Jason only went and won the first game! So was he really in it or would Oli react and up his own game? Unfortunately for us it was the latter; Oli came storming back and really put the pressure on. So as the pace got higher and the rallies got stretched Jason tired and Oli was able to make a great comeback to win the match 3-1 (great point for us though!)


Next on was David (Craig) at No.4 v Mhairi Charlton. The last time these two played Dave came off second best, so it was looking good for the university. However Dave really dug in the first game and ran Mhairi very close, unfortunately Mhairi was catching him out a bit too often and the 1st game was hers. David tried to wear her down in the 2nd and it was close, but unfortunately for us Mhairi, once again, was too precise with her shot making and David couldn’t keep the rallies going long enough to play into his style of attritional squash. The 3rd saw David get off to a terrible start and Mhairi was never going to let a lead like that go, so she finished him off 3-0 and it was well deserved.


Next up in the battle for Ireland was Sean (Norris) against Paul Donnelly. This was the best I’ve seen Sean play this season as he was really scrapping for everything and up to 7-7 in the 1st game he was right in it, however Paul manage to sneak the 1st. Sean put in an even better effort in the second game and he had Paul playing much more negatively, as Sean was generally in a points lead and was able to generate pressure. This match style suited Sean’s game much better than Paul’s and he got to go ‘game ball’ first and was able to eventually convert this to 1-1. Game on!

The next two were also very hard fought but Paul was able to tire Sean with a very nice two wall boast and some good shot play. And this was the difference; in fact one rally saw Paul play this boast three times on the trot and each time Sean made a massive effort to get the ball, so after that he was spent for the rest of the game. So a good effort from Paul but a good comeback from Sean and it looks like he’s finally got the bit between his teeth. By the way I’ve finally realised why Sean asks for crazy lets and strokes! He’s trying to get his breath back – and there was me thinking he was clueless all this time (and during the 5 ridiculous decisions he asked for tonight!!!).


Last up at No.1 was Dougie Macmillan v Liam Dickson. I’d heard that Liam was playing very well so although I didn’t expect Dougie to win I thought this would be a really good tussle – and in the main it was. Both players made a lot of mistakes in the 1st game; Liam on the volley and Doug on the boast, but as the match progressed Liam started to tighten his shots up and become more confident in his shot making. Dougie was excellent when he hit the ball to a length, but the opportunities he went for we’re more than often covered by Liam. This meant that the shot he had to retrieve, made things very difficult for him – as Liam hit amazingly short or fantastically long.

Dougie looked like he’d been plugged in at the neck when he came back on court, but I soon realised it was actually just a hickey! I say ‘just’, but fair play to Doug!!

I was very keen to see Liam tested physically and for Dougie to really work every rally. However often Doug would play 90% of the rally really well, but for one reason or another Liam would usually finish things off. Liam won the first two games and I think Doug felt he was out of it by the 3rd (I didn’t).

At the start of the 3rd Sean arrived on the balcony and shouted down “Come on!” to Dougie and “Don’t lose to an old man!!” for which he got some appropriate sign language back from Liam! Liam put the pressure on Doug in the 3rd game and ended up winning it reasonably comfortably; I can’t help but think that Doug isn’t too far away from really taking the match to Liam –  if he can just lengthen the rallies and use his physical fitness.


So a 4-1 loss against the University and there was nothing else for it but to go to Ashton Lane for a couple of beers. The University 2nd team arrived to tell us all about the match against our 3rd team. It seems that the Uni have the bragging rights today, but as Arnie once said “We’ll be back!”


Great that Subway are open so late don’t you think!


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