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DLWE v Western 1 – Home (Match Report) 9th October 2013

westsquashsitelogo1Another tough night in the West 1st Division, as DLWE (sponsored by Paul Hannah Solicitors) lined up against Western 1.
The number 3s played early and I missed this one, but apparently Captain Cantlay had another hum-dinger. He played Andy Phillips at number 3 and just like last week was 2 love up and just like last week got reeled in and eventually lost 3-2. In an inspiring speech Richard declared “It’s easy to get 2 points in this position” and that’s what he expected from the rest of the lads! I’d like to thank Andy for giving him a two game start. The cheque’s in the post Andy!

Sean was on next against a brand new player from Singapore called Earnest. He looked a bit handy to say the least. He’s got a strange game with loads of lobs and drops and he’s also really quick to the front. Sean played into his hands to a certain extent giving him easy volleys, but I think Earnest is going to be a real handful against many players. So 3 love to Western.

Big David Craig went on next against Paul Robson at number 5. David is a different player this season as he is actually warming up before the match and this is proving massively effective as he’s now winning early games. He took the match to Paul and played really well to go 2 love up. But there’s always something to improve on in sport and now Dave needs to be able to finish a match. He started to tire in the third and Paul started to play better and this carried on all the way to the 5th game when a shattered David finally lost to an ever improving Paul. However both players put a good shift in and will sleep well tonight (in fact Paul had a quick kip behind the courts later on, while watching the No.1s!).

As that game was finishing I went on at number 2 against Peter Halliday. Now I knew in my heart of hearts that Peter was too good for me these days, judging by some of his results, however……………

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I went on fully expecting to compete and who knows maybe even sneak a game or two. But the reality was I was somewhat off the pace and Peter was just too quick for me (note to self “must get quicker”). I tried changing tactics a number of times, but nothing really seemed to work. I felt a bit frustrated with the whole match as I thought I should have been able to compete better, but it’s a tough league and number 2 will provide a lot of ups and downs for me I guess this year. So 3-0 down.

And talking of which, last on was Doug Macmillan at number 1 against Steven Halliday. Now Steve is a very experienced player at number 1 and I didn’t expect Doug to win this one (and he didn’t!). Steve hit’s a great length and volleys across his opponent really well, so you’re always turning and confused when playing him and tonight was no different. Doug came off after each game very frustrated as he just couldn’t get into the game (I know exactly how he felt tonight). Steve controlled the match and Doug just wasn’t straight enough or deep enough against a player of this quality. It was a tough one to take for Doug, but Steve is an excellent player so he shouldn’t be too disappointed with the result. So another 3 love to Western and 5 nil in the match (although we did get 4 points via Richard and Dave).

Doug disappeared for a training session in punishment for how badly he thought he played, whilst I consoled myself with a pint!
Earnest was amazed by how windy it is in Glasgow compared to Singapore, but the rest of us just looked confused when he said that (just wait for the winter big man).

David was just basking in the glow of getting the team 2 points when his opponent Paul started telling us about the 4 day bender he’d just been on. Which included a stag weekend and the works away day/booze up!
Still you’ve always got to take some positive from these matches and Doug was very pleased with how neat his handwriting was on the marking sheets for David’s match – so it wasn’t all doom and gloom!


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