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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Home (Match Report) 26th September 2013

westsquashsitelogo1So another new season begins and a tough start for us, as one of the newly promoted teams, to face up against Newlands’ second team. But then that’s what Division 1 squash is all about, so we’ll just have to get used to it.
First on tonight for us was Sean (Norris) against James Singh at No:3 – now I’ve seen Sean play better than this, but to be fair I’m not sure it would have made much difference tonight. James moved beautifully around the court, despite a (slightly) injured knee and he was always in charge of this match. This was a typical first game of the season match from Sean and I’m sure he will tighten up and get quicker. So 3-0 to Newlands and we were still looking for our first point of the season.

Next on at number 4 was David (Craig) against Stewart Brumpton. Now this game had a 5 setter written all over it, as it was the battle of the chasers.

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David got off to a flyer which is very unusual for him and he won not only the first game, but to our amazement the second game as well, with some great deceptive shots to the front (yup that’s right, “to the front”!). However Stuart was obviously only just getting going, as in the third he played a much better length and forced Big Dave take on shots that were just too risky. Stewart won the third and fourth game by stopping David dominating the front of the court. And so inevitably to the fifth game! I had gone on court by this time so I didn’t see the decider, but Stuart kept the momentum up and won the match 3 games to 2. Still a good two points on the board for our team.

Jason (Grinton) was on at the same time at number 5 against Mark Reid and unfortunately Mark had Jason’s number! He moved him well and Jason was always struggling despite his trade mark clean hitting. Jason played well, but just lacked the experience to beat Mark in the crucial points.

I went on next against Mic Cockburn at number 2. Now Mic is newly married so hasn’t had much time for squash recently (one way or another that’ll change soon!) but he arrived looking very well turned out in his newly ironed 2012 Olympic top. Now I’m not sure if this was a bit of an ironic statement as our sport has just been out manoeuvred again by the Olympic committee from entering the 2020 games.

I reckon it’s all very well re-instating wrestling, but I’d like someone from the Olympic movement not to ask squash to bid again. Instead they should prepare a presentation as to why squash ISN’T in the Olympics! Instead we once again find ourselves in the most ridiculous situation of not having this superb sport in the biggest (multi-sport) games on the planet. And this situation makes the Olympic Federation look ridiculous in my eyes!

Anyway back to the beautiful game (squash, not my game!). I won the first game easily enough and it was at this point that Mic realised he had the wrong contact lenses in the wrong eyes! After a quick change he was a completely different player as he started lamping the ball in the old Mic Cockburn style. Games 2 and 3 were incredibly close and Mic had game balls in both, but I managed to clear the head and slow the game down just at the right time. So I pinched victory from the jaws of defeat in both games and took the tie 3-0 (just as well Mic had a bad back or I may have been struggling).

Last on at No:1 was our new (re)signing Doug Macmillan and he went on against Mark Ford. Now this was always going to be a real tester at the best of times for Doug, but with a slight ankle injury things were looking even tougher. Mark has a fantastic defensive game and it’s very hard to build any sort of run of points against him. The quality of squash was good to watch from both sides, but the pressure Mark piled on meant that Doug was often struggling to find the winning shot. If I had to make any criticism I’d say Doug needs to hit a better width, as Mark used this against him to hit some devastating drops from all over the court. However it was great to watch two quick, athletic players test each other.

Mark had too much experience for Doug today, but I’m sure Doug will have earmark Mark on his list marks for future seasons.
So a 4-1 defeat, but a great first Wednesday non-the-less as we had some good scran and a couple of pints in the bar afterwards with the Newlands guys (and an impressive 9 players stayed for the banter!). Sean’s finding it hard to call me ‘fat’ these days as I’ve lost over 2 stone, but inevitably he will need a few more weeks before he starts giving a Doug a really hard time, so until then I suppose I’ll just have to take it!

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