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“Squash Was Made for the Olympics” says Jonathon Power

SONY DSCAccording to a brochure created by World Squash 2020, a campaign that sought inclusion for squash at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, squash is played on over 50,000 courts by men and women in 185 countries.

“There’s no reason squash shouldn’t be included in the Olympics.” says ex-world No.1 Jonathon Power. “The sport is ideal for the Olympics, it was made for the Olympics.”

It is important to note that squash has no quarrel with wrestling, which beat out squash along with a joint bid from softball and baseball for inclusion in the 2020 Games, though the general consensus is that wrestling should never have lost its spot in the first place.

“Wrestling is the best sport in the Olympics, period,” says Power. “It’s the original sport, it’s the toughest sport.”

Sam Cornett the Canadian Ladies No.1 (pic above with Jonathon) says “I love the fact that it’s often been compared to chess. You’re watching squash and you can see the strategy unfold based on each player, it’s so different for every player.”

Asked about any possible arguments against the inclusion of squash in the Olympics, Cornett can only come up with one, and it’s not a strong one.

“ I’ve heard people say it’s boring,” she says. “My response to that is to try and understand the sport more. If I watch hockey and I don’t know the rules, you don’t really understand and you’re not really involved in the game. Learn the rules, then you’ll understand. Try the sport, and you’ll understand the excitement.”

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