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DLWE v Cameron House – Away (Match Report) 27th February 2013

westsquashsitelogo1Sean phoned me earlier on in the day to discuss the match and as we were chatting about who we may be playing Sean tried to describe his likely opponent. “Will I be playing that really tall guy?”

“Well,” I replied “that doesn’t really narrow it down Sean! In fact you say that every week “I played that tall guy, I played that tall guy.”

At 6pm I got a message that Cameron House could only get 4 players out, so I had to give our new No.5 (JT) the bad news and the rest of us headed to Loch Lomond. Sean took the road high over the Erskine Bridge and I took the lower road under the Clyde Tunnel and do you know what? Sean was at the banks of Loch Lomond before me!

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Cameron House guys were missing about 3 key players and so were very short this week. Ben (Mazzucco) had already played and won 3-0 v Alan Burns. I understand that this is Alan’s first season in team squash so not a massive surprise to hear he lost to Ben.

Captain Cantlay was back to form this week as he took on Andy McGroarty at No.2. He was looking dominant in the match and was imposing his game on Andy. Good length and good volleying meant a good 3-0 to The Captain.

Sean (Norris) was on next against David Cargil at No.3. I marked this through the solid 30 foot glass wall and spared myself the ignominy of shouting through the door frame, by doing the marking in sign language. You know, one finger for 1-0 (careful what digit you use – I mean you don’t want to start a fight**) and of course two fingers for ‘No Let’ Sean! Sean was in dominant form to win the match 3-0 and was rarely in trouble.

I went on last against Alan Barbour at No.1 and this was an interesting game. Alan has an uncanny ability to volley anything, and I mean anything. Serve – volley short. Drive down the wall high – volley short. Drive down the wall anything above a foot – volley. Cross court – volley short. The game was getting away from me at 13-9 (ish) and so I thought serve like a tennis player and try and make everything hit the floor as low as possible. This made a massive difference and I came back to 13-13 and then went on to win the 1st game from there. The 2nd game was much the same with a lot of banging and crashing about the court; with me trying to keep everything low. Not pretty, but I did win it 15-10.

This was all a bit too tiring, so I thought of going the other way and lobbing everything. Alan’s first return of serve (which had snow on it!) was dispatched in no uncertain terms. But this didn’t deter me and I just tried to lob everything even higher! A few went out, but in the main it worked as Alan went a long way back to play the shot and so I hit a quick drop to win the point. It was soon 15-9 match to me and so we headed off to the bar.

Sean had hidden a Cameron House “Wedding Pack” in Richard’s bag and we goaded Richard for a while about this, suggesting he could get married after a squash match to save a bit of money. Richard seemed to shed a tear at this chat, but apparently that was due to a contact lens getting stuck around the back of his eye. Slagging Richard was in full flow and was all going well until Sean ordered a half pint! Alan Burns just looked at Sean and said I’m not sure if they do them in halves!

Good craick with the Cameron House lads and meat-balls and pasta for dinner. It was an excellent idea in the current climate to call them ‘meat-balls’. Master stroke to use the ambiguous term! Could be beef, could be horse testicles – it’s still meat!

And the veggie option of pasta and sauce left me wondering if hoicking out the meat balls/horse testicles was what made it veggie?

** This method of calling the score wouldn’t stop any fights in Townend (although the argument when we were there was about the score, so maybe it would!)

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