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DLWE v SSRC – Home (Match Report) 21st February 2013


SSRC last night and Sean wanted an early start. He obviously knew that asking for the week off for his anniversary was going to get him nowhere (!) so instead he arranged an early start, so he could get back for his date! (top commitment!)

When I arrived Sean was on against David Irvine at No.3 and was 2-0 up and 14-6 up in the 3rd. But I have to say from what I saw, David was right in it. He pulled the score back to 14-9 and all the rallies were tough. However Sean won 15-9 and so the first 3 points were on the board.


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Captain Cantlay was on next v Martin Sullivan at No.2 and before I give Richard a right slagging I’d like to say that I think he’s been playing really well in the past few weeks and really improving his game over the whole season. It’s also important to say that you only play as well as your opponent lets you and Martin kept things tight at the right times. Right, with all that out of the way, Richard was rubbish last night and I’m not sure he’d have beaten an egg if it were put in front of him! Seriously though it’s impossible to keep a good run going indefinitely and tonight was just one of those games. As I said Martin played well, and in the first game he came back from 6-10 to win 15-10, with some excellent tight length to the back.

Rich got the 2nd with an amazing come-back of his own. He was 12-8 up then lost the next 6 points to go 12-14 down! I awarded the game to Martin on the next point, but was told by both players that I was “as blind as a bat” and Richard’s shot was up. Reprieve! Rich then went on to take the game 16-14! The next saw a similar score line happen, but Martin won this one. I turned to Big Davie C in the 4th game and said “The amazing thing is that Richard is playing badly, but is still in the match!” – well he was in it all the way to the end, but Martin took the 4th in a close 17-15 finish (a 5th would have been interesting!).


Ben was on at the same time v Kenny McGill and I missed the first two games as I was marking, although I did hear rackets flying all over the court on a number of occasions. Must have been Kenny’s as Ben was 2-0 up and appeared to be in control using Kenny’s pace against him. He was also trying to keep it off Kenny’s volley and he’s becoming a bit of an expert at this as he seems to have to do it every week. In the 3rd I saw Ben playing some good controlled squash and using the attacking half volley well. I’m sure that earlier in the season this would have been a five setter, but Ben took this 3-0 and played well.

Big David C went on next against a guy I’ve played a few times over the years, so I thought I’d give Dave an insight as to the nightmare game he was about to experience! Joe Healy is notorious against all who have ventured on court with him and now David can be added to this list. Having said that he did win the 1st game and had a really tough 17-19 in the 2nd, but obviously Joe was just getting into his stride. I was on court after the 1st so I didn’t see it, but Dave said he tried everything to keep the ball off Joe’s volley, but in the end Joe won the tie 3-1 (Dave looked dazed and confused afterwards).

I went on last against Chris Farrell and it was the decider! Love it!!! I remember watching Chris play in the 1st half and he was “pure meltin’ the baw” so I knew I had to be ready for this. I got a great lead in the 1st (10-2) and although the winners started to fly off Chris’s racket at this point and he got it back to 12-10. But with another big push I won the game 15-10. I had an even better start in the 2nd and was 13-2 up, no chance of losing from there!! 2-0 boom! I was now in a dominant position and was not going to let the foot off the gas, and managed to close the match out 3-0.

So a close 3-2 win for the team and an early night. The bar was actually still open when I got there, although Martin and Dave had eaten my salad! Still the chat was good, even though I don’t think Ben realised that Sean had left early. He was slagging everyone off, like he was having his usual verbal battles with Sean! He’d already deposed Richard as Captain when I arrived and was busy doing salad jokes at my expense! Captain Cantlay pretended not to want the captaincy, but in a fabulous passive aggressive move, proceeded to fill in all the scores, discuss the next three team matches and settle the bill (and buy me another Old Speckled Hen). Well played Captain!

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