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DLWE v Townend – Away (Match Report) 13th February 2013


Sean and I arrived so early the club was still shut when we got there, so we nipped across the road to the Dreghorn Fish & Chicken Bar for some carb-loading! At 6.45pm we went back to the club and their No.2 & 5 had arrived and we had No.1 & 3! How does that always happen?

Soon after Sean (Norris) was on at No.3 v Phil McKie so I took to the roof for refereeing duties. It was immediately obvious that this was going to be a clash of styles with Phil playing the shots and Sean chasing them. Sean was his normal nippy self which caused Phil to question some of the pick-ups and he was becoming more and more convinced that the ball had bounced sometimes up to 4 or 5 times! But Sean always calls his 3 bounce pick-ups so I was happy that all was good!!! …………………………………

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Sean won the first two games with some good boasting to confuse his opponent (Phil was getting a bit grumpy by this time! Not sure why though? He must have forgotten to get the wife a Valentine’s pressie and was annoyed that it would have to be flowers from the petrol station! Again!!).

Phil did take the 3rd game and played well to do it, matching Sean’s determination at the business end of the game, but Sean wrapped things up by winning the 4th. Phil was soon back to his normal self and said “Do you want me to spell ‘bad marking’ for your report? Bloody cheek!! MOTM to Phil – good grumpy performance!

Talking of marking John Crawford (SSq top ref) was there and was telling me about the recent ‘Edinburgh Open’ when they were experimenting with the 3 ref marking system, which is supposed to get rid of the bad calls as all 3 refs give a decision and the majority decision is taken. Anyway up steps Daryl Selby (World Ranked No.10) and asked for a ‘let’ and on one occasion he got 3 different calls from the 3 refs (no let, let and stroke!) Classic!

Next on court was big Davie (Craig) v Graham Crawley @ No.5. Fortunately for Graham the signs were looking good for him, but unfortunately it was only the ‘signs’, that his company produce and are all over the walls, that looked good!! as David stamped his authority on this game. The best part of the game was when Graham and their marker started shouting at each other for no particular reason that anyone could see. I assume the reason this ‘Ayrshire rammy’ kicked off wasn’t the marking, but more the language used to describe what a ‘wee pr#*k’ the other was! Anyway markers changed and handbags were soon put away. Dave won this one 3-0 with a good dominant performance. Shot of the match did come from Graham though. I was sitting behind the glass court as Graham was in a lot of difficulty at the back wall. He smacked the ball straight at my face and when I opened my eyes I was amazed to see the ball rolling along the backhand wall (at the front of the court as a drop shot) and big Davie trying in vain to peel it off!

Ben (Mazzucco) went on next v Jim Kenny and managed to win the first game easily. Unfortunately he assumed (and not for the 1st week) that this was the end of things and he could muck about for the rest of the night. Jim showed him how wrong he was as he volleyed really well to push Ben all the way in a nail-biting/entertaining 3rd but Ben sneaked it about 22-20. Ben got the match head back on and eventually won the 3rd more comfortably with some much straighter squash (3-0) to Ben.

Captain Cantlay arrived late from Edinburgh and went on next v John Robertson at No.2. I went to change and when I came back Rich was 2-0 up, but John was thoroughly in control of the 3rd. He was dropping Richard all over the court and Rich was looking a bit slow. John took the 3rd and came off complaining about his Achilles, so I wasn’t surprised to see Rich wrap things up in the 4th game with some much more focused play.

I was on last against my old mate Kenny Hardie. Kenny told me he had the cold and was hassled with life in general – get your excuses in early I thought!! I told Kenny that I’d never been playing better and felt great (despite a few too many jars last night at the pub and feeling a bit lethargic! Well the wife was away!). It was a good contest though and neither of us was giving any quarter. It was soon apparent that I’d have to a) play as straight as possible b) keep it off his big booming forehand and c) try not to get too involved with the chat! First game to me. The second was a real tough one and tight all the way. Kenny was on the charge and determined to test Jim’s marking skills! But in a stop start game I managed to get a few crucial points at the right time and just about sneaked home. I got a good lead in the 3rd and this was going to make me hard to beat as long as I kept my concentration, and so it proved as I won this one more comfortably. MOTM to me? Well in my head anyway!

So a good win for the team and it keeps us in contention for (the dreaded) promotion! Great chat with the Townend teams afterwards and when I said “We could have been top of the Division if the Newlands match had gone our way, Ben replied “Yeah, and we could also have been top if Sean wasn’t playing every week!” – line of the night!

So some more carb-loading with pizza and chips (and Belhaven Best) for dinner. Sean said he’d been to the doctor today and the Doc told him to watch what he ate, so he’s booked a trip to Ayr Races today! Boom-boom (thanks to Scot Morton for that gag!)

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