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DLWE v Glasgow Uni – Home (Match Report) 6th February 2013


Well if you’d said that playing the top of the table side in Glasgow Uni, that it was going to be 2-2 with the last match going on I’d have said ‘I’ll take that’.

We had strengthened our side by dropping Sean (!) So at No.5 David (Ritchie) went on against Oli Blakemore. The first game was all Oli, but David played well to get into the match and not let Oli have it all his own way. The 2nd and 3rd was 11-15 each, but in truth Oli was just a bit too strong.

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Next up was Ben (Mazzucco) v Paul Donnelly at No.4. Ben won the 1st game easily and was in control of the 2nd as well, but Paul was obviously just getting used to the court and Ben’s game as he dug in. The 3rd was a real battle and Paul ran everything down, however even at that Ben was match ball up (3 of them in fact!). But with some amazing digging Paul eventually took the game 17-15. Ben needed to keep the ball 3 foot deeper as he was hitting mid-court too much. Once again Ben was in the lead and Paul was coming back at him. Fortunately (at 12-6 up) Ben had just enough of a lead to will himself into 3 more winners, and he was mightily relieved to close this one out 15-12.

Dave (Craig) was on at the same time v Ramzy at No.4. Ramzy doesn’t half crash the ball about the court! His racket zips through the air and the ball takes a hell of a pounding. I didn’t see the 1st game, but Dave won it 15-12 so I assumed he must be in control. He also won the 2nd and I joined it in the 3rd and saw Ramsey in full flow and Dave struggling with the 500mph speed of the ball! Ramzy won the 3rd 18-16 and was now really back in the match. I told Dave he needed to slow the pace of the ball down and make his opponent generate all the speed himself (and get it tighter). Well the 4th was also a good battle, but David managed to keep control in the early stages to go 13-5 up and just as well as he sneaked home 15-11.

Rich (Cantlay) was on against Ben Carpenter at No.2. Poor old Rich was really up against it as Ben’s (who hasn’t lost a game this season that I can see on the results page – having said that they only go up to December!) game was the opposite of Richard’s and he was very good at what he does. Ben won the 1st two games to 10 & 5 with great drops and aggressive volleying. He was also 13-5 up, in the 3rd, as Rich screwed the nut and started the unlikeliest of come backs! 6,7,8 well done Rich, but wait 9,10,11,12,13 the crowd were getting really excited!! Just then, as Ben hit another tin he shouted in frustration “F#*# off you f#*#ing bell**d!” And that was all the motivation he needed to break the tension and find the final point! So 3-0 to the Uni.

Well as I said earlier it was now 2-2 in matches and I went on the glass-side-wall last with new No.1 Charlie Hibbert. Charlie looked and looked at the side wall with great suspicision during the knock up and I could see he was far from impressed. I heard court 2 become available and so I offered moving court and Charlie almost bit my fingers off! When we got onto the new court he turned to me and said “No excuses now I suppose!” And it was a good point!

What a forehand Charlie has got! You can’t read it, he’s lightning to the front left and deceptive in the back left (he’s a lefty by the way)! Right don’t put it there then! So most of the game was spent trying to get a wide cross-court onto the right hand side. I won the 1st 15-7, but the 2nd was a real tough one and although I had a small lead throughout the game Charlie kept coming back at me. At 14-14 I’d already squandered 3 game balls; Charlie got 2 game balls of his own and on the 2nd I asked for a ‘let’. I thought it was reasonable ‘let’ but Charlie thought it was a ‘no let’. The marker (big Davie Craig, who hates marking, but had to do this one as no one else was about!) Was completely silent for an absolute age (later on I heard Dave was muttering to himself ‘F#*#ing hell’) and then gave me a ‘yes let’. I’d been fearing the worst with a pause that long. I eventually won the game 19-17 on the 5th game ball. Phew! I steeled myself for an even harder 3rd game, but it didn’t come. I was up 11-3 with some lucky nics and Charlie was hitting the tin a bit too much. I was determined not to let him back into the match and was very relieved to cross the line 15-8.

So a fantastic win for the team and good chat with the Uni guys after – we even gave them a lift to Ashton Lane to carry on their student lives of out every night and never up til lunchtime!!!

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