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DLWE v Broomhill – Away (Match Report) 30th January 2013

westsquashsitelogo1I took a team picture before the match and have put it at the bottom of this report – guess which one I am? Answers on a post card!

I had to drive to O.R.M.S.K.I.R.K – Ormskirk! on Wednesday; 440 miles later I arrived at Broomhill at 7.30pm. Dave Craig was on court when I arrived and was having a right old ding dong with Alan Marshall. It was 2-2 and I met Alan, between games, in the changing room and he was looking warm, but keen to see what the 5th game would bring. Well David ramped up the pressure in the 5th and Alan was doing a lot of running (as was Dave, but then he’s used to that in the 5th!). Dave managed to keep a crucial lead throughout the game and the pressure to come back was just too much for Alan. So an excellent 3-2 win for the big man.

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A despondent looking Graham Clark told me that he’d been soundly thrashed by some young whipper-snapper at No.4. So I assumed young Ben must have already played before I got there;  and indeed he had. Funny that I keep missing his games, must be his early bedtime!

Sean was on the other court at the same time and was struggling against Paul King. Anyone who knows Paul will know he suffers from a rare condition called ‘Squash F#*#ing Tourettes’ and it was clear to see that he’s not found a cure for the condition yet. He is however playing well and he was giving Sean the run around with some good volleying. It would be fair to say, however, that Sean wasn’t playing his best as he appeared to be targeting the middle of the court for every shot. But at 1-1 Sean appeared to have a way out; could he do what all great players do and force a winning result even when he was not playing 100%. No he couldn’t (!) and he got chopped in the next 2 games to lose 3-1.

As Sean sat in the changing room with his head in his hands I said to Ben “Don’t worry you can still take the piss out of him!” But Ben has obviously matured of late or maybe he could feel the pain Sean was in as he said “No, I can’t do that, it’s too soon. I’ll wait until he’s had a shower first!”

Captain Cantlay was on next at No.2 and I marked the 1st game against David Lamont. Richard won this relatively easily, apart from David volleying all his serves about 1mm above the tin. This made the score look tighter than the game felt. I left to go on court at this point and Richard took the opportunity to slip back into his old style and give away games from a dominant position. Now I’ve no doubt that David played considerably better to go 2-1 up, but Richard’s analysis after the match was that he didn’t play a straight drive until the 4th and then won the last 2 games to win 3-2 (obviously he was purely relying on his silky shot making in the 2nd and 3rd games! Richard could learn from some advice that was once given to a good friend of mine, which was ‘play to your strength, hack it to the back.” True Graeme??

I was not looking forward to playing Euan Henderson at No.1 and no one was looking forward to marking us as they all disappeared! I had to really motivate myself just to get my legs going at all. Just before going on I thought ‘this is going to hurt’, but strangely it didn’t. Euan was happy to trade 4 shot rally’s with me. He completely ignored the 1st rule of squash, which as we all know is ‘Don’t hit the tin’. So as Euan was happy volleying all his backhands into the tin, I didn’t break Barry Sutherland’s 2nd rule of squash (made up straight after he saw the 1st rule) which is ‘Don’t get tired!’

I was astounded at how many volleys Euan hit into the tin, but also grateful as at about 12-12 in each of the first two I won. The 3rd game was much more straightforward and I was 10-0 up at one point (wondering if I could hand out a 15-0 doughnut). Unfortunately I was given a disgraceful decision (?!?!) at this point, but there is little point in arguing when you’re already 10-0 up, so I just got on with it and won 15-3 in the end.

So another good win for the team and during the food Sean was telling the story of some chump who had come to Broomhill to play a match against Alan and had been beaten 3-0. However in the 90 seconds between each game Alan was busy dashing up stairs to the kitchen to make the team chilli, and only had half an eye on the match itself. “That was me!” piped up Big Davie Craig! (thus falling into Sean’s cunning trap!).

Still Alan also made some nice veggie chilli for me as well and some Thwaits Wainwrights to wash it all down. Good chat and a good night oot!


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