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DLWE v Western 3 – Home (Match Report) 23rd January 2013

westsquashsitelogo1Well that was an early one tonight! We started v Western 3 at 6pm and all had a really early night – must do that more often!

Captain Cantlay had to get away early so arranged his match v Hamish Foster early doors at No.2. The pair had played each other in the first half and Richard had won the tussle, so he was favourite and I’d say that overall he played better this time round. Rich dominated the 1st game and although Hamish played much better in the 2nd, Rich did just about enough and managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. However he would have to hit a much better length to dominate the next game. He did this in the 3rd game and won 15-9 to take the tie 3-0. Another good performance from Rich and having beaten Sean twice in friendlies recently he thoroughly deserved his new No.2 team position.

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Next up was Ben (Mazzucco) v Derek Manson and Ben donned the tubey grip, so was obviously keen to get his excuses in early. I marked this one and I was wondering why Ben wasn’t his usual self. Having said that Derek played really well and was chasing to the front well and was also very determined. Derek won the 1st 16-14 (after I gave him a stroke at 14-14 which I’m not sure Ben was too impressed about. However if your own team gives a stroke against you then you can be sure that it was a stonewaller…….. unless it’s Dave Ritchie of course!).

The 2nd wasn’t much better from Ben as he tried to win without rallying. Having said that he did get better as the game went on and turned a 3-9 score line into a 15-12 win (by rallying!).

Ben was again 1-7 down in the 3rd and so I said to Sean “Give him some encouragement.” So Sean shouted “Come on Ben pull your finger out and stop playing like a fanny!” – well it wasn’t what I meant, but it was effective, as Ben won the game 15-11.

The 4th was much better from Ben – he actually re-discovered his length shots and dominated the game to win 15-5 and the match 3-1.

At No.5 Dave Craig was on at the same time against Mattias (Rosé) Deeson, who is an ex-DLWE member. He is also a tennis player (like Dave) – a retriever (like Dave) a runner (like Dave) in fact it was like watching Dave play himself! I only joined the match at the end of the 4th game Dave being 2-1 up (obviously Dave had lost the 1st game coz his warm up is as bad as ever!). I noticed that Dave seemed to have forgotten to play any drop shots at all and so Matias won this game 15-12 and it was left to a tantalising decider in the 5th. I mentioned the drop shot issue to the big man and ‘hey presto’ a great performance in the 5th game meant that Dave won 15-5 and picked up MOTM for the second week in a row.

Both Sean (Norris) and I went on at the same time so I didn’t see Sean’s game. He played Chris Tames at No.3 and won 3-1 (Chris won the 3rd), tough game according to Sean.

I played Karl (Stigal) at No.1 and had a good run around. Karl plays very correct squash with a few flourishes you have to really look out for, but I was able to dominate the match. I won 3-0 and I thought I volleyed particularly well and kept the pressure on Karl for the duration of the match. Karl is only on the comeback trail after injury, so I’m glad I didn’t catch him in full flow!

So a good win for the team and an early night as well. In fact we were in time to see that Chelsea guy kick the Swansea ball-boy and get sent off. I fully expect that the ball-boy will get the freedom of Swansea City! Having said that I’m not sure what he was doing on a football pitch as he was acting like a  rugby No.8 in a maul. Other than that all the chat was about Lance and doping. I’m a bit worried that we may get done for doping just for having Sean in the team!!!

Quote of the night – “Come on Ben pull your finger out and stop playing like a fanny!”

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